Day 8: No Junk – A Planned Cheat, Kinda

Happy Tuesday!

I’m at work, killing time before the class I’m supervising is over and I can go to bed. Pretty zonked.

Today started off a little rough – in terms of my mood. I woke up grouchy. But luckily, or not, I had 2.5 hours to get the grouchiest out before work. I headed to the gym for my planned treadmill time. Usually by the time I get to the gym I am my normal happy crazy self – not today. One of the parents from my job also goes to the gym and I often see him on the cardio floor and we chit chat. Not today. I gave him a wave and that was all.

Work was crazy as usual, kids crying for 30 mins on end, puking and running around. Just a normal day. I also volunteered in the kinder room and had a great time doing some small group teaching. Oh it feels great to be using my skills again!!

Anyways, let’s talk food. I stayed on track today!! Although I am hungry right now haha. But I did cheat – kinda. But this cheat I am going to continue use because it’s ok. So my cheat is flavoured yogurt. Yes I know it’s full of added sugar and complete garbage but it keeps me happy.

Today after lunch I was wanting some sugar. So my compromise with myself was yogurt and berries. And you know what it did the trick. I mean it wasn’t As good as a cookie but I mean if it helps me keep on track then it’s fine. I have the plain kind as well and it just doesn’t do the same thing for me.

I combine said chemical and sugar laden yogurt with some frozen organic blueberries and it is amazing!

There, now you know my secret.



Day 7: No Junk – Struggling

Are you surprised by the title? Ugg this afternoon was another battle and I lost, the sugar monster took over! Fail 😦

Monday nights I go to yoga at my gym after work but today I was planning on skipping because I felt disgusting, like a whale and just didn’t feel like doing it. But somehow I found myself on the mat trying my best not to die and get into those tricky poses. It was tough. It wasn’t pretty but I am SO glad I went. Every week I get so proud of myself for going to this class, it’s something so small but it’s a big deal to me because yoga isn’t my ‘thing’ like some other activities at he gym.

I am hoping that the class will help to reset my mindset for the week and help me to make healthier and smarter choices for my body, even if they are not perfect.

Upon arrival home from yoga I got my first pair of compression socks!!! I hope they aid in helping my legs to recover and prevent injury!


Day 5 & 6: No Junk – 6 Miles For Nachos

Yesterday and today both went well – no sugar at all!! But I have been enjoying some salty snacks, read: chips, today.

My parents watch Nascar so they had a little party today and made nachos with blue chips and ground turkey. Although chips are on the no junk list I made sure to get my 6 mile run (which was freaking slow and hard) done and enjoy some nachos. And that I did, with no guilt. You know why? Because salty foods arnt my thing, it isn’t like sugar. I enjoy some and I’m done. Anyways they were yummy!

So the run, ya it wasn’t pretty. There was a crazy head wind on the highway and I died. I ran the first 2 miles and then took a .25 mile walk break at the beginning of each mile. I know that’s a long walk break but what can you do. I’m hoping by keeping with my long runs and eating healthier it will get easier.

Ok off to watch Downton!! Happy Sunday!


Day 4: No Junk – Sugar Cravings

So again I just wanted to stop documenting this 21 day challenge, because I ate sugar again today. It’s hard to write about failure every day, but I committed so I’ll continue.

Again this afternoon I just started craving sugar, and my body just needed it. And I was tired of fighting those cravings, so I caved yet again. My will power is low, clearly. Frustrating.

How do you resist sugar cravings? I need some new tips and tricks!!


Day 3: No Junk – Being Ready

Today was much better!! I had a handful of shreddies at work but other than that all was well today! Having a plan and food like boiled eggs and carrots and hummus ready for when I was hungry with no time to cook really saved me. Also no sugar was consumed 🙂

3.5 mile treadmill run with a few walk breaks and a group power class made for a great workout. My knees and ankles are sore so I’m gonna work on those.

I’m off to watch some Olympics, and maybe a little Honey Boo Boo, shhh…


Day 2: No Junk – Being Honest & Having Sugar


i wrote this post yesterday but forgot to publish.

Today I failed, already I know! The difficult part for me is going to be getting started. The first 4 days or so without sugar make me crazy. I wanted to just stop documenting it but I am deciding to be honest. Because I like when people are honest with me when they are struggling.

Let me set the day up for you. Alarm went off at 5am, decided to sleep in until 6:30 and skip early workout. Wake up at 6:51am which is 14 min before I need to leave for work.

Forget my breakfast.

Kids excited we are making medals today. One child doesn’t get 1st in line and cries for 5 mins while another doesn’t want to go outside and sits on the floor for 15 mins while everyone else is waiting.

Finally get breakfast at 9:45am – breakfast fail. Still hungry at 10:30 so have some crackers.

Really tired (?) and body is achy so skip spin class. Think I’ll go for a run later in the sun (still haven’t gone yet).

Can’t resist sugar cravings anymore at 12 and cave. Sugar consumed. Stupid sugar.

It is hard for me during the day when I’m home alone with all the sugar. It is more difficult when I’m tired because I want it even more.

Now I sit here watching the Canada game trying to figure out what to do. I have a whole bunch of stuff to get done but just feel like napping.


Day 1: No Junk – A Dinner Fail


Currently sitting at work at 8:30pm starving my brain off <— see I don't even make sense anymore. I was so busy today that I forgot to make dinner to bring to work, and because of this new challenge I have nothing else available to me until after work at 9:30pm. To add to that I have been up since 4:30am because of travel and workout before working at 7am. Tired is an understatement.

Workout today sucked, my right ankle was killing me so it was very easy workout of 20 min walking on the treadmill and 10 min on the bike. Hoping for better tomorrow morning.

So the dinner thing is dumb. I got to work at 3pm and realized I had no dinner. At this job we provide the children with a snack so I thought I could just grab some graham crackers or half a bagel with jam and call it dinner. But alas I can't eat those things right now, so I went hungry. I found an apple and clementine in my purse I ate and plan on getting some solid protein in as soon as I'm done.

I'm a snacker and essentially all the things I snack on are unavailable to me for the next 21 days. I need to get smarter and more organized. 14 hour work days with no dinner is dumb and can't happen again. No I'm not going to wither away from starvation but the point of the challenge was not to stop eating meals, but rather eat healthier. Which I can see in day 1 I need to improve on.

There is a shit tone of chocolate, birthday cake, and other delicious treats at my dads when I got there today but knowing that it is simply unavailable to me made resisting a little easier. I'm not going to say it will be as easy tomorrow though. Today went well, all healthy balanced choices, which I'm happy with. I plan to take it one day at a time.

Alright, only 21 more minutes until I'm done. I hope it passes quick.

Tonight a little girl came up to me and said "wow, you're really pretty!" Yes that made my night!

See you tomorrow!

Update, I ate crackers upon arrival. Why did I put crackers on the list. They shall come off lol