Since We Last Spoke

I debated even writing this tonight, but thought ahh why not. I have a little more time on my hands this summer so I may write a bit more if I have anything to say.

Since we last spoke back in March things have been going on…

– I ‘ran’ my second half marathon! I say ran loosely because it wasn’t pretty, but I finished!


Ottawa Half Marathon complete!

I should write a post on just that race because it was a good/horrible experience for me. But now I am a half marathoner x2!!

– I also ran the Forest City 10K again this year, again I hated the course but my time was 2 minutes faster than last years time!


– I stopped training. Yes completely stopped. Since Ottawa I have not been following a training plan, am not registered for any races and am kind of loving it. The break is needed. I have been running, if not more, and building some speed – which is what I have wanted to do for a while now. I am thinking some fall 5 or 10k races will happen so I can try for some new PR’s but for now I am taking a break from serious training. I run 3-5 times a week still but don’t stress if I miss a run or don’t hit a certain pace or distance. Although I have been hitting all of my paces lately! One thing I haven’t been doing is running long, nothing over 10km since the half marathon. I was thinking of doing a fall half but that would require me to start training now/soon and I don’t think I want to. So alas I won’t

But you know you’re not training for anything when one week you run 19 miles and the next you run 5. Yeah that may have happened.


– I finished work for the school year, and got a few days of supply work in!

– I started trail running, and besides the bug bites and random rashes oh and constant twisting of my ankles I am loving it!





– And lastly I’ve been enjoying some of this…



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