Random Thoughts

Hello and happy hump day!

Today’s post is going to be random thoughts and things I have been doing.

– today I went to spin, haven’t been to this spin class in a looooong time because I usually have work or other commitments at this time. Anyways the class was crazy but amazing. And the 10 mins of abs after was so good that I am already feeling it, only 1.5 hours after. The instructor is amazing!

– yesterday was a rough day for me. I had a really negative experience and got some not great news for me about supply teaching. I’m trying to pull myself out of that and move on but it was a rough day. Let’s just say last night involved mini eggs. Yum

– I haven’t run since sunday(long run) because my groin area is sore and my legs are dead. But tonight after work I’m going to the park for a run.

– I’m so sick of winter. It’s still snowing here. Gah!

– there is this girl at the gym and she started a few months ago and she is looking amazing! I need to tell her this! You know how she is losing weight? Well me either but I’m guessing because she is eating healthy. All I can think is in the past few months she has lost weight and gotten so healthy and I’m still the same size, if not bigger, in this time. Frustrating

– I’m ready to be done work. I’m burnt out. I’m used to being done school in April and having a break from everything for a while. Well now that I’m in real life that’s not going to happen.

This post is long enough, better go fold my laundry!



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