8 miles & a run video

Today I had 8 miles on the long run plan. Last night I was having some tummy troubles and I was so tired. To say I was not looking forward to this run was a big understatement but I knew it had to get done.

Heading out I wasn’t sure I could complete it. I set my watch to the 10&1 again and just tried to stick with it. I took an extended walk break at some point, I think mile 6ish. Anyways I was going crazy so I took a video. Quality not great but I found it quite entertaining when I watched it at home.

I am feeling so much more tired and worn out this week than I did last week from my 7 miler which I find interesting. Also my left hip was hating me.

Anyways I hope the video gives you a laugh and you don’t get too annoyed from my voice.

Ok so the video won’t upload. Sorry friends. I’ll try to figure it out and post later. 💜



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