Losing Fitness

Hello and happy long run day!

How have you been? Things here are alright, I can’t say amazing but I’m still swimming haha.

I ended up kind of taking this week off from working out. It is our spring break from schools so my schedule changed. I worked 9-6 this week and just had zero motivation to get up before work to workout.

I also feel completely burnt out of working out. Running, weight lifting, cross training. Completely burnt out. I would have just taken the whole week off but I have that little thing called a half marathon in 10 weeks. So I did 30 mins of running/walking on Wednesday and Friday. And it was pretty horrible.

I have definitely lost my fitness and don’t really feel like training for said races I’m registered for. I guess when your slow and out of shape it makes you feel crappy. But I know if I wasn’t registered for races I would want to be registered for races. It’s a catch 22 a and doesn’t always make sense.

Anyways I’m rambling. Today I have a long run to do. I cut my long run last week short so this one is important. I have 6-7 miles on the schedule. I set up the 10 and 1 on my watch and want to try it to see how I like it. I’ve tried it before and didn’t like it but I think it might be a good idea for today’s run while getting back into things. I was also hi king about going to run club tomorrow. Which makes me feel nervous because I’m slow and out of shape but want to run with other people sometimes too. We will see.

Well better go get my things on, this run isn’t going to do itself. Also that wind/rain/snow mixture can stop any time now. This weather is the best!


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