Ottawa Half Marathon Training

Greeting aliens, I hope you are having a great weekend! Mine is full of sleeping and eating too much junk food. But you know what, tomorrow is the beginning of something, that something being the training cycle for the Ottawa Half Marathon!!! Ahhh

Being a novice runner I am always looking for tips and tricks as to how others at my pace and fitness level train for long distances races, which is the only reason I share what I do. To possibly give others an idea as to how another person does it. Anyways, here is my plan! I made it myself, as should you for your body type.

The plan:
Monday- spin + yoga
Tuesday – alternate weeks speed and hill workouts + weights
Wednesday – 3-6 miles pace at the park
Thursday – 45-60 min cross training + weights
Friday – tempo run
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – long run

I designed it so I could originally do my long runs on Friday but now I have to work 11 hours on Friday so I switched things around so I can do my long run on Friday, Saturday or Sunday and just move things around to make it work. I really love my Wednesday night medium length runs at the park. They clear my mind, challenge me with some hills and get some more outside miles in. I also am pretty relaxed about the pace right now of that run so I am just really enjoying it.

I have two races for sure before Ottawa, possibly a few more we will see. I’m hoping all goes well and am really going to focus on getting my body strong and healthy through sensible running, stretching, strength training and a balanced nutrient dense diet mixed in with some treats.

On the agenda for week one is:
M-spin+yoga + weights
T-5×400 @ 8:34
W-5 miles easy @ park
Th-XT + weights
F-1 mile tempo
Su-6 mile LR

Have a great week!!💙



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