Day 8: No Junk – A Planned Cheat, Kinda

Happy Tuesday!

I’m at work, killing time before the class I’m supervising is over and I can go to bed. Pretty zonked.

Today started off a little rough – in terms of my mood. I woke up grouchy. But luckily, or not, I had 2.5 hours to get the grouchiest out before work. I headed to the gym for my planned treadmill time. Usually by the time I get to the gym I am my normal happy crazy self – not today. One of the parents from my job also goes to the gym and I often see him on the cardio floor and we chit chat. Not today. I gave him a wave and that was all.

Work was crazy as usual, kids crying for 30 mins on end, puking and running around. Just a normal day. I also volunteered in the kinder room and had a great time doing some small group teaching. Oh it feels great to be using my skills again!!

Anyways, let’s talk food. I stayed on track today!! Although I am hungry right now haha. But I did cheat – kinda. But this cheat I am going to continue use because it’s ok. So my cheat is flavoured yogurt. Yes I know it’s full of added sugar and complete garbage but it keeps me happy.

Today after lunch I was wanting some sugar. So my compromise with myself was yogurt and berries. And you know what it did the trick. I mean it wasn’t As good as a cookie but I mean if it helps me keep on track then it’s fine. I have the plain kind as well and it just doesn’t do the same thing for me.

I combine said chemical and sugar laden yogurt with some frozen organic blueberries and it is amazing!

There, now you know my secret.



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