Day 7: No Junk – Struggling

Are you surprised by the title? Ugg this afternoon was another battle and I lost, the sugar monster took over! Fail 😦

Monday nights I go to yoga at my gym after work but today I was planning on skipping because I felt disgusting, like a whale and just didn’t feel like doing it. But somehow I found myself on the mat trying my best not to die and get into those tricky poses. It was tough. It wasn’t pretty but I am SO glad I went. Every week I get so proud of myself for going to this class, it’s something so small but it’s a big deal to me because yoga isn’t my ‘thing’ like some other activities at he gym.

I am hoping that the class will help to reset my mindset for the week and help me to make healthier and smarter choices for my body, even if they are not perfect.

Upon arrival home from yoga I got my first pair of compression socks!!! I hope they aid in helping my legs to recover and prevent injury!



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