Day 5 & 6: No Junk – 6 Miles For Nachos

Yesterday and today both went well – no sugar at all!! But I have been enjoying some salty snacks, read: chips, today.

My parents watch Nascar so they had a little party today and made nachos with blue chips and ground turkey. Although chips are on the no junk list I made sure to get my 6 mile run (which was freaking slow and hard) done and enjoy some nachos. And that I did, with no guilt. You know why? Because salty foods arnt my thing, it isn’t like sugar. I enjoy some and I’m done. Anyways they were yummy!

So the run, ya it wasn’t pretty. There was a crazy head wind on the highway and I died. I ran the first 2 miles and then took a .25 mile walk break at the beginning of each mile. I know that’s a long walk break but what can you do. I’m hoping by keeping with my long runs and eating healthier it will get easier.

Ok off to watch Downton!! Happy Sunday!



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