Day 2: No Junk – Being Honest & Having Sugar


i wrote this post yesterday but forgot to publish.

Today I failed, already I know! The difficult part for me is going to be getting started. The first 4 days or so without sugar make me crazy. I wanted to just stop documenting it but I am deciding to be honest. Because I like when people are honest with me when they are struggling.

Let me set the day up for you. Alarm went off at 5am, decided to sleep in until 6:30 and skip early workout. Wake up at 6:51am which is 14 min before I need to leave for work.

Forget my breakfast.

Kids excited we are making medals today. One child doesn’t get 1st in line and cries for 5 mins while another doesn’t want to go outside and sits on the floor for 15 mins while everyone else is waiting.

Finally get breakfast at 9:45am – breakfast fail. Still hungry at 10:30 so have some crackers.

Really tired (?) and body is achy so skip spin class. Think I’ll go for a run later in the sun (still haven’t gone yet).

Can’t resist sugar cravings anymore at 12 and cave. Sugar consumed. Stupid sugar.

It is hard for me during the day when I’m home alone with all the sugar. It is more difficult when I’m tired because I want it even more.

Now I sit here watching the Canada game trying to figure out what to do. I have a whole bunch of stuff to get done but just feel like napping.



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