I Missed It

Remember how I told you the other day about the Detroit Half Marathon being only $55 this week? And how I was on the fence about registering. Well I missed it.

Apparently there was a limited amount of early bird spots available in the week, and they got taken by the time I had decided – two days!

Yesterday at the gym I really thought about the race and was ready to finally register. By the time I got home I saw on their Facebook page that the international half was sold out. The price now goes back to $90 I believe.

I was, and still am, pretty disappointed about missing the cheap price. I love this race and wanted to take another hit at it. That bridge! Yes I can still register for Detroit at the normal price, but I just feel a little bit burned by them that I missed the discount. Which is my own fault. But I think they should have the decreased price for the full week as many people were confused.

Anyways I guess I am looking for a fall race now. In a way I wanted to do another race because there are so many to try, so it guess this is the universes way of telling me to try another race this year.

What are some good fall race rec’s??

sorry no pictures, I wrote this on my iPad and am still figuring out how to add pics


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