2013 Recap

2013 was a crazy year, but in a good way!!

I ran my first 10K race (plus two more), bought a bike, graduated university, went on a blind date ..and then a few more, moved back home, my mom bought me a car, taught Kindergarten, started really ‘dating’ for the first time, ran 9 races, went to a wedding alone, and completed my first half marathon. Among many things in between.


It was fun. Made lots of memories. But now we move onto 2014 and see what this year has in store for us.

Last year I made a few goals, so lets see what ended up getting accomplished.

1. Run a sub 30 minute 5K race – I did not end up hitting this one, was 10 seconds off and pretty disappointed.


2. Run a 10K race – yes, ran 3 actually!


3. Run a half marathon – YES! and had a blast doing it, well until the tunnel 😉


4. Run 500 miles – negative. I do not know my final mileage count as my book is at my Dad’s so I will update next week when I get it. Somewhere in the 400s though.


5. Buy a bike – yes, although I didn’t use it very often.


6. Get to my goal weight – nope, nope, nope. Still have a lot of work left to put in to get there.

Christmas 2013 048

So there you have it, I achieved 3 of my 6 goals. Not ideal for most people but I am mainly happy with it. Before April I had never even run a 10K race, and not only did I do that but I also ran a half marathon. I am going to focus on the positive accomplishments and not worry about what I didn’t do.

Now I have to go figure out what I want to accomplish in 2014!


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