Happy 2014!

Hello and Happy New Year!!! 2014, you ready for this??

I hope you had a great Christmas, I sure did!



I have been super busy and not busy at all in the last two weeks. But blogging has not even crossed my mind until today. So I thought I would pop back into the world for a quick sec.

Shows you need to watch: Downton Abbey and Homeland. Both of which I have discovered on my Christmas break and addicted to. On season 4 of Downton and 2 of Homeland. LOVE!!

I did some baking in the form of pumpkin pies, cookies, cupcakes and more. Twas delicious.

Spent a shit tone of time with my family, and am loving every second of it!



Ma got me this ornament for the tree, and I love it! You need one? She got it at New Balance London, for my local peeps. They had other distances, colours and sayings as well. But obviously I needed another 13.1


Speaking of 13.1 I registered for the Ottawa half Marathon which is May 25, 2013. Ahhh. My Mom wanted to go to Ottawa, and so she forced me to reg for the race so she could visit the city. I need to put a training plan together this week to start following asap.

Speaking of running I hurt my leg. I think it is the beginning of shin splints, which I don’t understand but it kills. It is my right calf and I can hardly walk today. I also came down with the sore throat/cold and am feeling super shitty. Let’s just say 2014 is starting off great for my body haha.

Yesterday I started my day off with 4 miles for 2014….



It was painful and I walked 1/2 a mile. I have some serious work to do to get back into better running shape. I have lost a lot of my speed that I was working on.

Right now I am trying to figure out which spring races I want to run, and if I want to run Detroit again. This week it is only $55 for the half. I really want to run it but I also want to run different races. But $55 is a freaking steal for a half marathon.

Off to figure out some goals for 2014. What are yours?


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