My Thoughts on Christmas

I am a huge Christmas fan, I absolutely love the season. I’m not crazy for Christmas day per say but more the season.

The pretty lights, the jolly people, the excited children, I think that it is a magical time of the year.

I think we get way to wrapped up in giving gifts and forget about everything else that comes along with Christmas, and that makes me sad. Very sad.

Sure giving and receiving gifts is fun but if I didn’t get one material thing for Christmas, except to be around my family and the ones I love (oh and some chocolates and cookies, yes those too) I would be fine with that.

I think that parents want to please their children and buy them a crap load of ‘stuff’ for Christmas to show their love. But you know what? I know kids pretty well, in my humble opinion, and sure the toys are great but YOU are what is really important to them. Spending quality time with you kids and letting them know they have your undivided attention is what is really important. All they want is to know you are so proud of them and you love them more than anything in the world.

I have some people in my life that requests Christmas Lists from their children yearly. They simply go out and purchase what is on the list. This makes me sad. It makes Christmas seem like a chore, and just another ‘thing’ that needs to get done in your life.

When I go Christmas shopping I go without any ideas of what I want to purchase my family and friends. I simply head out to the stores and malls and look around. I enjoy waiting in line, the crowded stores and the loud Christmas music. I enjoy finding the ‘perfect’ gift for my amazing mother that I will hope she will love, or my crazy uncle that I got for secret Santa this year. But what I don’t do is expect this gift to make them love me more.

I guess I just get a little sentimental at this time of the year, but I think it is really important to enjoy the season, the sparkle and the people around you. It is pretty magical, my friends.

I hope you are having a great Christmas season!


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