Santa Shuffle 5K Recap

On Saturday I ran the Santa Shuffle 5K race, and it was a lot of fun! The race is run on the horse racing track at the local fair grounds, which is 1/2 a mile around. Sounds boring but for some reason I enjoy this race. Maybe because it is Christmas theme? Maybe because it is flat? Maybe because you are constantly running with someone? Maybe because it is cheap, parking is easy and you get a medal? I don’t know but I like it!

As you know I had a goal I needed to check off my 2013 list, that being a sub 30 5K race. This being my last race of the year I was hoping to accomplish that. Well I will tell you now, I didn’t get it.

My time 20131208-102814.jpgYes I missed my goal by 10 freaking seconds. Here are my thoughts on it:

– I ate very poorly last week, which I know contributed to my slower running, always does. I am kicking myself in the ass for that every day


2012 Shuffle

– I did not look at my watch often and didn’t look at my time once during the race. I thought that if I looked at my watch and I was slower than I needed to be then I would have got discouraged. And I thought that if I was faster than expected then I would freak myself out and crash and burn not meeting my goal time. In hindsight I wish I would have checked it toward the end because I think that I could have picked it up a bit to meet my goal.

– I am super disappointed in myself about missing my goal, which makes me sad because I should be proud of myself.


I ended up going to this race alone, and lost my bib so there are no pictures of fun things from this years race for you to look at – sorry!

See the above bell on my shoe, everyone got one to pin to their bib and wear during the race. It was so fun to hear the ringing of 400 bells!!

My overall pace was 9:44 min/mile which is decent for myself.

In the end I did set a new 5K PR of 30:09 – which is also something I should be happy with.

I love this race and if I am living in this area I will do it again next year, but hopefully with some friends 🙂


Last Year’s Race


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