Halloween Is OVER

Since last week the amount of candy I have consumed on a daily basis would blow your socks off! It is pretty amazing, but not in a good way! At both my Moms and Dads house we opened the candy early. Actually I started eating candy the day before the Detroit Half Marathon (Oct. 19). Geez.


Hello, but it is not Halloween anymore. So after too many treat on the weekend I decided enough is enough. Saturday at 4:30pm I had my last Halloween treat of the year. Done, finished, see you next year!

It has not been easy I tell ya, because we still have bags and bowls of it around the house. When I feel tempted I tell myself “Halloween is OVER” and walk away.


Yesterday I went to the bag and thought, you can have one Reese peanut butter cup – my favourite treat! Guess what, there wasn’t any in there!! HAHA. (My nephew only got 2 or 3 and I must have eaten them already). After searching for a few seconds I didn’t see one so I walked away. Am I ever glad I didn’t find one!! Because one would have turned into 6.

Those mini sized bars are so fun, but what isn’t fun is when your pants don’t want to button up!

How do you stay clear of those delicious Halloween treats?


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