“So I hear You’re A Runner”

I wrote this post last week, and wasn’t sure if I wanted to publish it. Apparently I do, enjoy!

The other day I was insulted a bit. But this sometimes happens.

I am always hesitant to tell people I run. I’m not the typical looking runner, clearly. I’m not super fit, with low body fat % and really fast. I’m average pace (or a bit slower), a bit bigger, and in ok shape. So I always feel self conscious telling people what I do. It is just easier to keep it to myself and be proud of my accomplishments sometimes. The judgement people pass can be harsh.

I chit-chat with one of the dads at work sometimes about working out (he goes to my gym) and running and stuff. Well it came up one day that I ran a half marathon. Anyways he ended up telling his friend, who is a mom I often see at the school, that I am a runner.

The other morning she came up to me and said “so I hear your a runner” and I hesitantly replied that I was. Then she did the full body check out of me. And we proceeded to talk about the upcoming race we were both running (the one I ran yesterday).

I took some offence to it, but I don’t think (or hope) her actions and tone of voice were intentionally rude. She looks like she is in much better shape than me, so sure she can likely run faster. She said she had been training on the course, and my reply was “wow that is great, I just ran a half marathon so I’m going to be at the back of the pack”.

Edit to add: I looked up her time, and she ran 2 and a bit minutes faster than me

Was her comments in a defensive way, because I have run longer than a 5k recently. I don’t know, and never really will. All I know is I left that conversation feeling not great about myself.

I think that some people don’t always think about their tone of voice or actions toward others, and how that makes them feel. (Typing this makes me feel like I’m at work, talking about how our actions makes others feel, to my 4 year olds).

But the reality is, is that running is my hobby – as I have told you before. I’m not there to win the race, I am there to have some fun, and burn some calories.

Here’s the thing: I’m not going to win the race, but neither are you mean lady!!!

Her comments don’t really bother me anymore (this incident happened last Thursday?) but I thought I would bring it up to see how others deal with people like this.

How do you deal with people who aren’t supportive of your goals/hobbies? And are judgmental?


2 thoughts on ““So I hear You’re A Runner”

  1. emskiruns November 5, 2013 at 2:28 PM Reply

    Arrggh I hate people that do this it does make you feel awful and if I am honest I would probably have taken her in the same way you did! I don’t know why people judge others, I went to my first park run and saw a woman who worked in the next office to me and we now chat weekly and encourage each other in our fitness goals even if we don’t see each other at park run as often as we should.
    Rude woman – I could be ruder but I won’t!

    • Nicole November 12, 2013 at 12:06 PM Reply

      Yes, we need to support and encourage each other not bring people down for doing something that is healthy!

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