London Lady’s 5K

London Lady’s series is 5K, a half marathon and half marathon relay event. This was an inaugural event.  I initially signed up for the half marathon, but really didn’t feel like doing another half and the location route was not ideal for such a long race for me as I run this park at least once a week. (It is my 10K Wednesday route).

Due to flooding and weather issues the location of the event had to change last minute, and it was quite a confusing process. Regardless I showed up to the start line to run this race. For some reason I just wasn’t into this run, I looked fun and the weather was great but I honestly just wanted to skip it – although I am glad I did. Alas, showing up at the start line was probably the biggest challenge.


Yes I wore my Detorit shirt in hopes I would run into someone who also ran it, and I did. A lady asked me about it and we ended up chatting about Detorit, half marathoning and running in general which was super nice since I was there by myself.

My cousins were doing the half marathon relay so I quickly said hi to them, wished them good luck and was on my way. There was no start line so I wasn’t sure where to start. As I was talking to the lady near the start area, people just started running – there was no count down, no gun shot, no ‘go’ – nothing. I know this is the races first year so I’m not trying to be a jerk – but I ended up getting behind slower people because I didn’t know the race was starting. A start warning would have been nice.

The cousce was a bike path system, which isn’t my favourite for a road race but it was pretty. I know the race directors had to relocate last minute and this was an easy course to switch to. It is also the run for Retina course, which I ran in April.

Because it was on a path it was very difficult to get around people who were going slower than you. I decided early on that I wasn’t even going to try to PR this race because of this. I would have been way too frustrated and stressed, and I was already frustrated. It is an out and back course, so I tried to look for people I knew.


I finished in 32:35 according to my Garmin, and official results are not posted yet, to my knowledge.

Edit to add: race times posted – 32:58. How can my watch be almost 20 seconds faster than the chip time. Hmmm

Splits: 10:34, 10:16, 10:10, 9:49

Avg. pace: 10:19 min/mile

Again I am just happy I showed up to the start line and ran the whole thing. Considering all circumstances, slowing down my pace for the past few months to run the half marathon, I am content with my performance today.

Each finisher got a glass pendent necklace, which is beautiful, as a medal. But it would have been nice to recieve as we crossed the finish line, instead of in the race kit. When I crossed the finish line it didn’t feel like a big deal, there was no music, no announcer nothing. I grabbed water and left.



I like the necklace, but think I might prefer a medal to go on my rack. I’m not sure if I will ever wear it, but it is pretty.



(Which is now full and I have to double them up on each hook, old pic).

The shirt…


The arms are a bit tight on me and short, but the body fits fine. Poppeye’s been doing his bicep curls 😉 The fabric is pretty thin and I couldn’t wear it without a tank under. I much prefer tech shirts.


Again, this is an inaugural race and the organizers were faced with my hurtles along the way. It felt chaotic and unorganized but that was not because they were not trying. The start area was not well organized and I didn’t like how my chip time seemed inaccurate.  I would probably run the 5K next year, because I loved how it was an women’s only event and it was local.

In the end I am glad with my decision to switch to the 5K. I really think that I would not have enjoyed the experience of the half marathon being that I ran Detroit two weeks ago, which was amazing. As I have mentioned, half marathons are bigger deals to me so I am going to stick with bigger races for those.


2 thoughts on “London Lady’s 5K

  1. Kristen Loblaw November 3, 2013 at 6:02 PM Reply

    Too bad,couldn’t do it myself today, I was hoping to hear better news. Those are also very transparent shirts. Who was this in support of?

    • Nicole November 3, 2013 at 8:12 PM Reply

      The race has a lot of potential, so give it a try next year! Maybe I’m just picky though. The cause was the reason I did it, proceeds go to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Children’s Hospital here in London. Ya, you don’t want to wear the shirt by itself 😉

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