October Goals Review

For the month of October I made a few goals, so lets check in and see how they went.

PicMonkey Collage

Do something nice for Ma – I bought her coffee? Hmm could have done something a bit better. It is not that I don’t do nice things for her but I just wanted to step up my game. I know I made her feel more appreciated, so that something I guess haha.

More Push-ups – complete fail. I have barely done any. November goal haha

Complete Detroit – check!!!!!


Eat whole foods – well I went to Whole Foods for the first time in Detroit, does that count? Ok really though, October went better. For the whole week leading up to the half I ate really well, and felt amazing. I need to do that all the time. Less processed crap is happening though. Its a process.


New running route – nope didn’t do that. I should, but it takes time and planning and I have been lazy.

Paint/carve pumpkin – yes I did both!! Painted at work, carved at home!



Listen more – yes I think I can say that is something I am doing well at. I’ve always been a good listener but find myself completing peoples thoughts sometimes, and I don’t know if that is annoying to them or not?

Bake a pumpkin pie – check! Did that for my family for Thanksgiving.


Get into a weight bracket – nopers. I was so close a few days ago and then just ate candy and crap. I think the looming deadline made it worst.

Try vegetarian – I did not try it, I honestly forgot about doing that, which tells me that at this point in my life I’m not ready. I have been buying more organic though, so I’m happy with that!

So if you tally that up I did 6 of 10 – not too bad considering the usual stats!

How did your October go?


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