A Decision

Yesterday I went for a run, an easy paced but hard effort 5K. My legs felt sore, and tired – I guess they are still recovering. This morning I went to spin, again my legs feel heavy, sore and tired. I need yoga and stretching, hoping to get to a class tomorrow night.

I also ate horribly yesterday and today. Clearly you can see I’m winning at life. My ‘skinny’ jeans are now called ‘super tight, not pretty’ jeans. Jesus!


Anyways… about a month ago I signed up for a race, which is this weekend. It is the London Lady’s Half Marathon/Relay/5K. I registered for the half marathon thinking that I am already trained and can do another. But I don’t know if I can. I e-mailed the race director asking if we are able to switch distances, and he said that I have until Wednesday at 4pm to switch. Ok, awesome now I just need to decide.

I do best when I make a Pros and Cons list.


– It would be a great workout

– My second half marathon

– My cousins are running it


– My body is tired

– My legs are sore

– Risk of injury

– I want to only do ‘big’ races for longer distances – this one is small

– My ego

– I won’t PR the 5K because I am still slow

– It is mostly on the path system, which I think will be boring

– I wanted to knock the pants off my 2nd half marathons time, which I know I won’t do in this race

– I feel disappointed in myself for not doing the half

Clearly I know I shouldn’t run the half marathon, but I still want to. Ask me 10K into the race if I still want to.

What should I do? What would you do?


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