A reminder that it takes time

April 14, 2013


October 20, 2013


Exact same clothes (clearly my favourite running outfit) exact same person. Top picture is post 5K, bottom after the half. I look better in the second one haha.

Slowly getting back to where I want to be. The summer was tough, some days are harder than others but with some time and dedication it can be done. It is a nice reminder to see where you were a few months ago, and see where you are now. Hopefully this will be a motivator to myself, and maybe you too?, to keep doing what I am doing. That it is working and results are happening, even if it is slow.

This time last year I was 13 lbs lighter than I am now – gulp. That kinda hurts. But I honestly think I am in better shape, and have more muscle now than I did then. So I will continue my weight training to build more muscle, cardio to burn fat, and eating healthy to cut weight. I will get to my goal weight, it might just take a bit longer.

My tentative goal is to be where I was, weight wise, last year at Christmas come Christmas time this year. I have a lot of work to do but if I work hard it can be done.

For a nice little visual….

PicMonkey Collage


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