First Run Back & Cross-training is Boring!

Hey! Happy Friday to you!!! We made it to the weekend, well almost! 

Yesterday I went on my first run post race. And may I tell you it was kinda awesome. I set out for an easy-slow-see how you feel 2 miler. I kept the pace ultra slow and really tried to see how my body was feeling. Well let me tell you, my body is feeling GREAT!!!!!!!!! I am super doper excited about this! I ended up only running 1.25 miles because it started pouring rain/wet snow and I had to teach after and didn’t want to do that soaking wet. Anyways tomorrow I am going to do a longer run and report back. I need to stretch, roll and ice today though to keep the legs happy!


Today I really felt like going for a nice long run. But my Garmin was dead and I knew that I shouldn’t because I ran yesterday – even though it was super short. So I headed to the gym for some cross-training. Now that my favourite Circuit class is not on Fridays I am doing it solo. There is a spin class but I don’t like the instructor so I don’t go. In the future I think i might do my long runs on Friday –  we will see.

Anyways I hopped on the Arch trainer for some cross-training action, with my only intention to get 60 mins in on no specific machine. Well I was bored within the first 10 minutes. Sure I had a great playlist, and i put the news on to watch but it was pretty boring.

You see I don’t workout on my own a lot anymore, other than running. During the week I usually take a weights or spin class, and on the weekend I run or skip my workout – haha. Not too often do you find me on the cardio floor doing solo cross-training sessions, I just love group exercise classes!

Anyways, I did complete all 60 minutes on the arch trainer but did a few things like switch the workout program a few times and did so ‘hands free’ work to engage my core more. This helped for the time to go by a bit faster. I honestly don’t know how I used to do 60-90 mins of cross-training a day without wanting to stab my eyes out. 

With an effort to keep my cross training up, I am going to try and get a solid 60 mins of solo time in once a week. But next time I may switch machines as my knees are sore right now. 

How do you get through longer boring cross-training sessions?


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