Fun Sized

Today I am feeling pretty darn good! I have a little pain in my right ankle and right knee but other than that I am doing well. I hit up spin class this morning (but kept it fairly easy), but skipped the core part after. I want to give my back another day or so before I get back into core work. I am surprised how quickly I recovered, but I know the massage helped so much, without it I would still be hobbling around in pain.

Today I am going to take a break from talking about the half marathon and talk to you fine people about sugar. (I have one more post about the half and then I’m done 🙂

Last week I didn’t eat sugar. Except that one day I had some jam and a nutragrain bar of course. Oh and Friday night this happened…



Other than that I really stayed away from sugar. It was hard, but it was so worth it!!! So this week, after my treats on Sunday, I thought I would try to go the rest of the week with as little sugar as possible.



Well it turns out that without a big looming race on the horizon I am somehow not motivated to eat as clean. In the past few days I have eaten sugar every day. It hasn’t been crazy, but it is more than I would like.

It is officially Halloween season at both my Moms and Dads house so fun sized candy is everywhere!



Have I ever told you how much I love fun sized candy? They are my absolute favourite! The problem is, is that before I know it I’ve eaten about 5 of them which in terms of calories adds up quickly. They are just little and so fun that I don’t realize, ok yes I do realize…I don’t feel as guilty as eating 5 of them. Where as I never buy a full chocolate bar/bag of M&Ms, but i will eat a bunch of little ones. It is all psychological.


I don’t want to completely say no to my favourite little candies, but I need to ease up. This time of the year only comes once but I need to look at it in perspective. Do I want my new favourite ‘skinny’ pants to keep fitting/getting lose or do I want 5 mini chocolates?

My ‘thing’ is sugar. If I can refrain from eating sugar than my eating is pretty healthy. Cutting sugar down significantly is where my weight loss success happens. Pretty simple. I know this, so now I need to do it to see results!!


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