The Day After The Day After

Today is the day after the day after the half marathon. Still with me? I thought I would check in with how I am feeling.

This being my first half, I don’t know how the whole recovery period goes. Generally how long do people take off before exercising again? I guess I am just going to play it by ear.. or er legs haha. If my legs are feeling up to it I might head to spin tomorrow night after work, but take it easy. I know the general rule of thumb is to take it easy for the same number of days as miles you ran, which = 13 days.


Yesterday morning I felt pretty good. Sure my legs were a bit sore but I expected it to be worst. Surprisingly my back and shoulders were killing me, didn’t really expect that at all. So I went to spin class, 45 minutes. I kept it really easy, slow pace with light tension (didn’t go above 12). I thought just keeping my legs moving would be good for them, because when they stiffen up then they really hurt.

Come 5pm I was done. My legs were sorer and tired, my body was tired physically, mentally I couldn’t do anything else and I just wanted to sit down and cry. I felt dead. But when you work with 4/5 year olds they don’t know or care how you are feeling, so you must push on – as I did. This may have been the beginnings of DOMS combined with low blood sugar.



I had a massage scheduled for last night though, which was great. Well actually not really. It was super painful actually. She worked hard on my back, shoulders and legs of course. You know shes doing it right when you feel nauseous. It hurt, but it was so necessary to hopefully speed up recovery.

Today I feel very achy. My legs hurt more now than they did yesterday. I am resting today, and I should ice and stretch as well. I still feel pretty tired though. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be good to go again!

So would I do it again? Is all this pain worth it?

Absa-freaking-loutly! Every twinge of soreness is so worth it! And I will be doing another half! Possibly in 2 weeks haha. But I am already planning to do another spring half, but actually training for it a bit better, in hopes to really get my time down.

I know I shouldn’t feel this way, and am not looking for sympathy votes here, but I can’t help but feel disappointed in my time. I know, how childish right? I just wish I could have run it faster. I gave it my all, and should feel proud of what I accomplished, but I am struggling with it. Reading blogs of runners who run 7 min/miles and can complete a half in 1:30 does not help. This is where the comparison trap comes in, and it is so bad. I need to focus on what I have done, how far I have come, and be proud of that. I never thought I would complete a half marathon, and it still feels surreal to me that I actually did. I guess this is just motivation to train more and kick this time out of the park. But I need to appreciate and enjoy what I did on Sunday – because it is a pretty big deal! Even if I was slower than a turtle.



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