Half Marathon A-B-C Goals

A have a few goals for my first half marathon. So I thought I would set A-B-C goals. My A goal is what I want to happen if all stars align and everything goes perfectly. My B goal is what I want to happen if A doesn’t. And my C goal is something I am 98.9% sure is achievable.

A. Run a 2:30 half marathon

B. Finish the half marathon

C. Don’t break anything/sprain anything/lose a limb/get shot/essentially just don’t die

Having these three goals, will ensure that I will achieve one of them – even if it is only C haha

I honestly have no idea how this race is going to go. I really didn’t train very well for it and just am not sure how my body is going to handle this distance. Sure I ran 12 miles, but it took me a long ass time (2:54:58, 14:35 min/mile pace, I walked about 3 full miles) and that was a few weeks ago. My long runs were not consistent and were not full effort usually.

If I want to run a 2:30 half marathon I need to keep a 11:30 min/mile pace. Is this attainable? Yes, if I work really hard. Is tomorrow going to be the day it happens? Who knows. Although I have this time goal that I would love to achieve, I know that simply finishing my first half is the main focus.

I can’t help but know I may very well feel disappointed in myself for the time. But I need to remember that it isn’t all about time. It is about all the work and dedication and determination it took to get to that point. Time is just a number, there is always another race to beat it but this is my first half, and you never get your first race back. 

Ma and I are off to Detriot!!! Talk to you when it is all over. AHHHHHHHH!!!!


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