Plantar Fasciitis Problems

I think I am developing a case of plantar fasciitis, yes 2 days before my half. Awesome.

It started yesterday, I had a spot on the side of my right heel that was hurting. I did some extra calf stretches and went to my weights class. Well the pain in my right foot is gone – thank goodness! But now I have it in my left foot, and it is not going away. It started yesterday, so I wore my running shoes to work. And it feels worst today.

I rolled my feet out with a hockey ball, foam rolled, stretched and am now icing my legs and heel. WTF! This is not ideal. I rarely have issues with this area, it is always in my calfs and arches that give me problems – which have also been acting up again. I am hoping extra ice and rest will cure this by the end of the day.

The show will go on regardless, but it would just be nice not to have that pain to battle as well.

Today is my first rest day and it was weird not going to the gym this morning right after work. Instead I just came home, an odd feeling. In a way it is a nice break, but I do miss my morning sweat session.

Yesterday I was so hungry. Like legitimate stomach growling hunger. It was weird. So I ate more than usual. I tried to stick to health wholesome foods, but somehow managed to eat a Nutragrain bar – drats that has sugar in it. Aw well, again not a big deal. Today I am going to rein that hunger in a bit, as I am not exercising at all, unless you consider lifting my coffee cup to my mouth exercise ๐Ÿ˜‰


Yesterday I headed to the Running Room to pick up a SPI Belt. We are suppose to carry our Passports for the race, as we are crossing the boarder twice and I have no way of carrying it. I have read quite a few good reviews on the SPI Belt and was interested in taking a look at them. They are small and light weight, which I love. I wanted the one with the purple zipper, but they didn’t have it so I got pink.


While there I also picked up some shot blocks, which I told you about yesterday. They fit in perfectly and don’t bounce. I ran on the spot yesterday and all seems good! I haven’t decided if I will carry my passport yet, but I have a place for fuel now and don’t have to carry anything ๐Ÿ™‚



Alright, well I have a long list of things I need to do so I better get to it.

Have a great Friday!!!


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