I Cheated…kinda

Workout: 60 minute weights class, and later today a 3 mile run

This morning I took my usual weights class, but took it really easy on the legs. For the squats track I usually do 40 lbs, today I did 30. For the ‘more legs’ I didn’t do the jump squats and jump lunges, just normal ones.

Later today I will do my 3 mile run. I have 45 minutes in between my two jobs on Thursday so I will take advantage of this time again this week and get 3 miles in.

This week, in prep for the race, I have been doing a few things and not doing a few things. I am going to give you the whole list tomorrow, but one of the this I have been doing is really cutting back on the sugar. The processed crap mainly – read: all those cookies.

(Side note: I know sugar is in pretty much everything, but what I am taking about here is sugary snacks, and processed sugar. I am still eating bread (lots of sugar), fruits, yogurt and such.)

I started Monday, after lots of sugar on Sunday ;), and it is actually going really well. Last night I got a bad craving for something sweet but simply ignored it and got ready for bed. Actually I didn’t ignore it, I had a few spoons of peanut butter. Aw well.


Anyways, I have been sugar free for 3 days until today. This morning I really wanted jam on my English muffin, so I had some. Only a little bit on each piece, but it was still sugar. It is not the end of the world, and I don’t even feel guilty for it.

Then after the gym I went to the Running Room to get a SPI belt, and I bought some shot blocks which are new to me. I wanted to try one, so I did. They also have sugar in them. Again, I don’t feel guilty at all. I needed to try them before hand to make sure they didn’t taste like garbage. And to see how they feel on my tummy. In hindsight I should have bought them last week and tried them on my 6 miler.

I am admitting these two things here because I want to be 100% truthful. I am going to consider myself to still be sugar free for the week, and these are not slip ups. I am still on track. Clearly you can tell this post is more for myself than you haha.


Often when I write something on my blog, such as ‘I have eaten great for the past 5 days, no junk..” and so on, I go and eat some junk within a few hours of pressing publish. Self sabotage at its finest. But this time I don’t think i will. I have a big thing coming up, and in order to do my 100% best on Sunday I have to eat right. So right now not eating sugar is keeping me on track.

So here is to a sugar free Thurday, Friday & Saturday!! I can’t promise anything for Sunday 😉

Love ,this is so me!


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