Random Thoughts 16/9/13

It is Wednesday already – amazing! Short weeks are the best!!

I am working on a post for later in the week and can’t really think about anything other than my race on the weekend, so I will share a few random thoughts with you today.

– Today’s workout was great! I took a really awesome spin class. The instructor is so so good. I have only taken her class once, because the older man that I don’t really like has taught her classes the past few weeks. Her music is good, we do a lot of different things on the bike and she is good at spin. She also does the 15 mins of core after and my core usually hurts for the 3 days following – it is killer, but in a good way.

– Today I am wearing my ‘skinny’ jeans for the first time. They are black, in case you were wondering haha. I bought them a few months back and every time I put them on I feel way to self conscious and take them off. My legs are BIG and I don’t need to emphasize them even more by wearing tight pants, but today is the day to get over it and wear them. They are pretty comfortable so far!

– I need to start making a list of things I need to take to Detroit on Saturday. And find the closes Whole Foods to Detroit so Ma and I can experience it for the first time!

– Every time my phone chimes with a new email I hope it is positive info about the supply list I have been waiting months to get on. Still waiting….

– We got these new Triscuit crackers and I ate a few too many today, oops. They are just way to delicious.

– I watched the biggest loser last night, and it seemed good. Well I missed the first 20 minutes because I had to work, and it was only an hour long but I enjoyed it. I love that show, and wish I could go to the Ranch and work with the trainers. They would kill me in the best way possible!!

– I cut my bangs again. They are not straight. They are not all the same length. They are very short. Makes me laugh because I always do this.



– I also hate the colour.

Well I better get my butt moving, I have kindergarten children awaiting me.

Have a great day! 🙂


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