Detroit Half Marathon Training: Week 19

Monday – 12 mile run

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – 45 min spin + core

Thursday – Group Power + 20 min bike; 3.1 mile run

Friday – 45 min spin

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – 6.2 mile run + core

Total miles: 21.3 miles

Highest weekly mileage ever, and I feel pretty good. My right leg is sore but I feel good. That extra rest day, I usually just take one a week, was important and necessary. Today I did my last ‘long’ run before the race. This week I’ll run two times, both short runs and then the race is next Sunday. Ahhhh!!!



The half marathon is exactly one week away – holy shit! This morning I watched the Chicago Marathon, and it made me want to run it, which then made me a bit more confident in my abilities to run the half this weekend.



I am nervous as shit already though. I chipped all of my nail polish off on Saturday, and am picking at my fingers – which is my nervous habit.

I can do it, I just really need to focus on proper nutrition and hydration this week, and recovery and rest.

Today we celebrated Thanksgiving, and lots of yummy food was consumed. But it is 11:30PM so I need to get my butt to bed.



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