It’s A Struggle

Happy Thursday! Well today is like Friday to me because I don’t work tomorrow. Tomorrow is a PD (professional development) day for the teachers so the kids don’t have school. We are running PD Day programs but I didn’t get a shift, oh shucks darn, so I will be enjoying a nice long 4 day weekend! Stoked!

Valais Blacknose Sheep by Niels Kuppens: Too cute! Walliser Schwarznasenschaf is a breed of domestic sheep originating in the Valais region of Switzerland. #Sheep #Valais_Blacknose

This week has been a struggle for me, to keep on the healthy track. Things haven’t gone exactly perfect but I am trying to hang on by a thread here. Essentially right now my body is telling me “EAT JUNK FOOD”. I always LOL when I read on other blogs ‘listen to your body’ because if I listened to my body then I would eat shit all the time. That is just the way my brain works, I like junk food – especially sugary foods. So most days I DON’T listen to my body, but rather my brain, and eat my carrots because they will make me feel good.

Asian Noodle Salad Jars  by foxeslovelemons: Portable, colorful and healthful lunch! #Salad $Asoan #Healthy #Jar

Tuesday was a rough day, I don’t think very many fruits or veggies were consumed, but I picked it up again yesterday. When I am craving something sweet, like a cookie, I sometimes have one. But this week I have gone back for more. One is enough, one is a treat and a perfect portion, you don’t need any more. It’s a struggle.

Lets hope...cuz it sucks right now

I also have been eating dinner at weird times or just not eating dinner at all. Because of my schedule right now I am not home at meal times some nights and don’t get home until 8:30. So I’ll eat some crackers or some toast, possibly a nutragrain bar – you get the picture, its not a good choice. I need to work on preparing a healthy dinner and taking it with me. I need to just eat quick or tell the kids I am having dinner, no biggy. But I get lazy. It’s a struggle.


I have also been extra tired this week, not sure why. Possibly because of the junk food? I also haven’t been going to bed at a great time. My goal is to be in bed with a book at 10pm with hopes of being asleep by 10:30pm. But I get on Netflix and watching a show and before I know it it is 10:45 and I am still awake. It’s a struggle.

I also haveven’t been into my workouts this week. I completly skipped Tuesday, and I didn’t do my 10k last night. It’s a struggle.

Love ,this is so me!

I think sometimes I just lose all motivation to do much. So hopefully with a long weekend I can recharge and get back to my crazy way to excited self.

I am doing my best to cut some weight before the half marathon and feel myself dreading this weekend. It is Thanksgiving in Canada and I am dreading all the food – which is so sad because I love Thanksgiving. I just need to make sure to get my workouts in – Long run on Turkey day! – and really not overindulge. Enjoy but don’t over do it. Have a rice krispe but don’t have 10.

**This post was not intended to be negative, or feel sorry for myself in any way, but to just say that we all struggle sometimes. Even people who look like they have it all together – clearly not me haha – do struggle whether they share their feelings or not.**

I hope you have a GREAT Thursday!!!

Back On Pointe. awesome

I actually cracked up while adding these pictures haha. Love the above one!!!


2 thoughts on “It’s A Struggle

  1. emskiruns October 11, 2013 at 3:39 PM Reply

    I absolutely love the sheep pic and I truly want one of my own for my garden I totally have the space it could be my friend I’d read it stories and everything 😛

    I don’t get the listen to your body thing mine says eat all the junk food Emma, eat it you know you want to! I have to battle to beat it into submission so I am totally with you there.

    Hope the weekend helps you to recharge the batteries and feel better for the new week ahead

    • Nicole October 14, 2013 at 8:14 PM Reply

      You have room for sheep on your property? Jealous! I want a hobby farm when I get my own place – complete with chickens, sheep and lama’s!

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