Thank You Lady in the Pink

Wah, what a busy few days! Working two jobs with a lot of other things to do keeps me going all day long! But busy is good 🙂

I am here to tell you about my run on Wednesday night, but now that I am writing it feels kinda fuzzy. Anyways I really liked running the 10k at the park last Wednesday and told you I wanted to keep that going for me. But Wednesday morning I also wanted to go to spin. So after eating way to many carbs for lunch on Wednesday I decided to go do a run after work – I don’t work after work on Wednesday night.


Pre Run

So post work, around 6:15 I headed to the park. It was a lovely night!! Loving this fall weather! In prep for Sunday’s 5K I ran the first 3.1 mile of this training run, and finished in 31:53, which I was pretty proud of! I then took a .5 mile walk break and stretched my calf’s, and started running again. I planned to run/walk the second half, but then something happened. I was running along and a lady in a pink tank top passed me. We then saw a skunk so I sped up a bit – didn’t want to get sprayed!

The lady was going about 9:30 min/mile pace and I wanted to keep with her. She was my carrot. I kept a comfortable distance behind her but kept her pace for about 1.25 miles, when I hit mile 5 I backed off and took it easy for the rest of the run.

With her running in front of me like that I didn’t find it difficult to hold pace, and it didn’t feel too hard. I was simply focused on keeping her in front of me and going her pace. It was fun!!

Splits: 10:31, 10:12, 10:03, 15:36, 9:44, 10:40, 2:17

Total distance: 6.21 miles
Total time: 1:09:03
Average Pace: 11:07 min/mile

I realized that I can do more than I think. If I can run that fast then I am capable of more than I give myself credit for. Sometimes you need that push, or carrot infront of you. This made me realize how beneficial joining a running group would be to me. I know I can run faster than I have been but sometimes, well most of the time, need someone there to push me.


Post run – it was pitch dark!

Oh and I got new shoes, that I am looooooving so far!!


I went to Sports Check in the mall on Tuesday to simply buy the same ones as I used to wear, but they don’t make those anymore. These are what they have been replaced with. I was nervous at first, but so far they are working pretty well for me. And they are briiiight! I am planning to just wear them strictly for running in hopes they last longer. I wanted to buy them at the mall because I had a few gift cards to put toward them. These puppies were NOT cheap – $180 frick! But worth it!



Today I went to my favourite Friday circuit. I wasn’t feeling it – like most Friday’s but I went anyways. Well I am glad I did because it was that trainers last class. She is leaving my gym 😦 Most Friday’s that is the only reason I got the the gym is because she and her class was so awesome. Well anyways before she left we did ‘Death by Burpees’, which was essentially 15 minutes of burpees. Sweat city!! Now that she is gone I may be switching to the Friday long run club, because I think it would be good for me as I usually miss my weekend long run because I am lazy haha.

Have a great day & fantastic weekend!!!!


One thought on “Thank You Lady in the Pink

  1. emskiruns October 4, 2013 at 12:30 PM Reply

    Ooooh I adore those beauties – enjoy running in them 🙂 x

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