Detroit Free Press Half Marathon Training: Week 17

It’s not going so well…

in terms of my running. Life in general is good, but running life is not so good. Let me lay all the excuses out to you, or reasons – whatever you want.

– have a cold

– ate crap

– now have a chest cold/cough – lungs were burning like crazy during spin today which is unusual

– inside of right leg/ankle hurting

– feeling very tired

I just haven’t been into it. My long runs are not getting done, and I am getting scared for the race. Only 2.5 weeks friends – shit!


Let’s take a peek at last weeks low mileage workouts…

Week 17:

M – 45 min spin
T – Group Power + 20 min arch trainer
W – 6.2 Birthday miles
Th – Group Power
F – Circuit
Sa – Rest
Su – 3 horrible miles (43:35)

Weekly mileage: 9 measly miles


This was suppose to be my second highest mileage week, with this week being my highest.

What am I going to do about it?

– Drink lots of water, EmergenC, zinc to get this cold gone

– Get proper rest, aim for 8 hrs.

– Get new shoes, which is hopefully why my legs are hurting and is a quick fix

– suck it up and do the miles

– eat healthy! when I eat healthy running is SO SO SO freaking much easier!

– stick to the plan



THE PLAN – Training Week 18

M – 45 min spin
T – 11 (or6) miles at park
W – 45 min spin
Th – Group Power + 3.1 miles
F – Circuit
Sa – 12 miles
Su – CIBC Run for the Cure 5K



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