Friday Fav’s

Let’s share some good news and things I love on Friday – one of my favourite days!!

1. My Friday morning circuit class – amazing today like always. I didn’t want to go, but though ya I should – so I did!

2. This hummus. Amazing! Almost gone, along with 2 bags of carrots!! My favourite snack right now!


3. This perfume. I ran out a few weeks ago and got a new bottle for my birthday from my dad! Started using it about a year ago after I discovered it. It is what my favourite grade 1 teacher used to wear and reminds me of her, so now I wear it. Weird? Maybe.20130927-124842.jpg

4. Costco’s ridiculous Nutella, which I want btw.20130927-124856.jpg

5. This picture hahahaha. My brother’s girlfriend sent it to me because I have a new friend when I go running. A llama that lives with sheep. My mom nick-named him Larry and now it is the biggest running joke in our house. 20130927-124931.jpg

6. The fact that I just registered for another half marathon. 2 weeks after Detroit. It is local, and there is a finishers necklace that I want. So another 21.1 here I come. Crazy? YES!


7. Coconut oil. Use it as a moisturizer, will change your life!


8. The fact that I can feel and notice some changes happening in my body. More on this next week though.

That is all I have for now. I hope you’re having an amazing Friday!!!!


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