A Birthday Run-down

Just got home from the gym, took Group Power and wah did the weights feel heaavvvy today. Usually on Thursdays things do feel a bit heavy for me haha. In Tuesday’s class I remember thinking, wow this feels light I should up my weight. Spoke too soon. I was/am also still sore from Tuesdays class.

Upon arriving home from the gym I had a piece of cake, at 11am, not on my birthday. Do I feel guilty? Sure I did a little for a second, and then I stopped. It is a small piece of cake, not the end of the world. I’ll enjoy it and continue on with my day eating a healthy lunch.

Said cake…


I am kind of a brat when it comes to cake. I have always hated processed food, but more recently really started to stay away from them. I feel better physically and mentally. If I want to eat junk food, great but lets just eat wholesome ingredients. So a cake with sugar, sugar, chocolate, flour, sugar. icing, sugar. Make sense? I usually bake my own cakes from scratch. Anyways, this is obviously a store bought cake and it was pretty good! The icing was reals sweet and chocolately and filled with chemicals and I loved every bite! haha

Let me recap yesterday in mostly pictures, and tell you about my run. It was a good one!!

I didn’t do my long run from last weekend and thought that would be the prefect birthday gift to myself! Weird, maybe? So my inital plan was 10 miles/16km. Then when I was heading to the park I was going to run at, I was sort of tired so I said at least 6 miles/10km.


The run was great. I did 6.2 miles or a full 10K. I ran the full first 3 miles – wooohooo!!! – and then walked a full mile. I went up a road I often drive and always think I should run. It is one big hill. So I walked, no shame. Then I ran the last few miles stopping for a walk break between each mile.


Take a look at these splits people!

Mile 1: 10:33
Mile 2: 10:23
Mile 3: 10:38
Mile 4: 17:23 – walked
Mile 5: 10:35
Mile 6: 10:28
Mile 6.2: 2:14

Total Distance: 6.21 miles
Total Time: 1:12:14
Average Mile Pace: 11:38

It was a great workout! If I had just not walked that whole mile and run it, then it would have been my fastest 10K. Next time! I think I am going to make this a regualr Wednesday workout if I can get a car to go to the park. It was nice to run somewhere different and pretty – part of the path goes right along the Thames River.

Post run…


Took myself out for lunch to my favourite sandwich place! So big, so good!

Then I worked, and came home at 9pm and had a piece of said cake above. I didn’t know if my parents were going to do that last night but my dad loves cake as much as I do so he made sure it happened. Good day!!


On Sunday we celebrated my birthday at my moms. There was cake….


It looks better than it was, sadly!

We went to the demolition derby!!!


The vans were the best to watch. So funny!!

Any my brothers girlfriend made me cake pops, that look like acorns!


It is a running joke at my house, that I am a squirrel – long story. Anyways they were so cute, and tasted amazing!!


It was a great last couple of birthday-days. Odd being home for my birthday, first time since I was 17. Another odd thing was being sober on my birthday, first time since I was 17 haha. All I really wanted yesterday was a caesar, so hopefully this weekend we can make that happen. 

Do you like birthday’s? 

I love celebrating other people’s birthdays, and making sure they have a really fun, great day!


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