One Month Out

Today is September 20th (in case you were wondering..) which means exactly ONE MONTH until the Detroit Half Marathon. HOLY SHIT!

How am I feeling? Let’s chat in bullet points, my favourite way…

– Well actually I’m feeling like shit because I have a cold. All of the kids I work with are sick right now and I caught their cold. I have been feeling pretty crappy for the past few days.

Nicky's Birthday and Run 015

– In terms of running, obviously, I’m feeling alright. If you asked me how I was feeling before Monday’s 10 miler, I would have told you not great. I was questioning my ability to even do the half marathon. Now I am feeling as though it is within reach. If I can do 10 miles, then I can do 13, right???

– I think I am starting to get an idea about fueling. On Monday I started eating the candies at mile 2. One little candy at the end of each mile, and I think I ate 2 at one point. I think I took in about 80 calories, as the pack was 80 and I may or may not have taken one or two out previously – can’t remember.


– I was on the race website and it said the time limit for the half is 4 hours, so I am not worried about being kicked off – because I was!

– My goal was 2:30, and still kinda is. I know my real goal should be to just finish the race and not worry about time but I still have the number 2:30 in my head. If I don’t meet this goal then I will be fine with that, as long as I finish. I think when I am doing long runs like this it helps me to have a time goal in mind to push myself on my walk breaks.


– Which brings me to this point – I need to figure out some type of walk/run system. Right now I’m just doing what my body wants to. Push myself usually until the end of the mile and then take a walk break. But I am finding myself taking lonnnnng walk breaks aka the 2 1 mile walks in the 10 miler.

– I’m nervous but excited! I can’t wait to do it actually. I think it is going to be fun!!


– And I would be absolutely lying to you if I said I want to be able to say that I’m a Half-Marathoner. Even if it is slow and I do walk.

Tentative Long Run Plan Until  Race Day (this is more for me haha):

Week 16: 10-11 miles

Week 17: 11-12 miles

Week 18: 12.5 miles

Week 19: 6-8 miles

Week 20: HALF MARATHON!!!!

Have a great Friday & an amazing weekend!! We have LOTS of fun things planned and I’m excited!!


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