A 10 Mile Trip Down Memory Lane

Remember how I cut my long run short on Saturday, and then skipped it on Sunday? Wellll, I got it in yesterday! 10 miles, baby!


First I went to spin class, what was I thinking? I was 15 minutes into class and wanted to leave so bad. But I was at the front and didn’t want to look dumb so I stayed – it was 45 minutes. I knew I needed to get this 10 miler in, so I took it very easy in the class. Like didn’t even really sweat – which is saying something for me, I’m a big sweater! haha sweater.

Anyways, post spin class I went and got my water bottle from the car and headed out. I left the car at the gym because I knew that if I drove home that I would somehow end up laying around watching Pretty Little Liars and not long running.


It wasn’t pretty, but I was expecting that. Actually it wasn’t as bad as I thought – I am pretty proud of myself. My goal going into it was to finish in 2 hours – but I didn’t hit that goal.


As you can see mile 4 and 9 were rough- walked both of them. My running pace was in the mid 10 min/mile rage to 11 min/mile for all of the run parts. See mile 7 my friends, I think the fuel kicked in!

Speaking of fuel here is what i used this week..


They worked pretty well and didn’t upset my stomach. I tried to eat one at the end of each mile as my ‘reward for making it through’.

As I said my strategy was to just finish. Therefore there were lots of walk breaks. I started doing this thing called walk .25 of the mile, run .75 of the mile – repeat! It is funny because the second half of the run was faster than the first. Fueling makes a difference!

I took a trip down memory lane during this run. I went over in a nerighbourhood where I used to live, actually 2 of my old houses were within less than a mile of each other, so I decided to run by both and see how they looked. Do you ever do that? Run/walk/drive by your old houses to see how they look? Both don’t really look all that different than the last time I was by, but it was fun to run the route that I walked to school so many times as a kid.

All in all I am happy with the run. I got it done and my legs don’t feel too bad today. I had to work in the afternoon which was not fun because I was tired, but in hindsight it was good because it kept me moving and from getting stiff. I also iced in the afternoon, and took some advil for inflamation. My knees are a bit sore but other than that I’m doing well – better than expected. Oh and I rolled for a few minutes last night.


Unfortunately because of how things worked out I didn’t get my post run treat 😦 As I previously said I wanted that sprinkle donut, but then I changed my mind and wanted a pumpkin spice latte. Well because of time constraints I wasn’t able to get one before work. Butttt my amazing mother dropped off some amazing banana bread to me while I was out running..

I started with half a piece..


And then ate the rest. SO FREAKING GOOD! So that was my treat 🙂 Amazing!



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