Mud Hero Toronto Race Recap

A few weekends ago I ran Mud Hero Toronto, which is a 6KM obstacle race. Always so much fun, always a great workout! This year was even better!

I was actually dreading the race. It is a lot of work, and can be a rough time. The course is constant hills, up one and down and up and down THE.WHOLE.TIME.

It actually turned out to be really fun though! Turns out I was in a LOT better shape this year than last year. Our finish time was 1:10 but there was a hick-up.

One of the obstacles was a single wall climb, and it got really backed up. Since only 2 people could go over at a time than all it took was a few slow people and it was stopped. Well we waited to get over this obstacle for over 10 minutes – and I am not exaggerating! I wish I had had a watch because then our time would have been more truthful. I am guessing if we didn’t get stopped at this one obstacle for so long then our time would have been right around 1 hour.

Last year we walked more of the courase than we did this year. The lady I did the race with liked to run up the hills so that was good motivation for me, since I HATE hills.

All in all it was a great race! Next year if I am around I will be doing it again!

Clearly the water slide was my favourite, but there was a mud pit at the bottom!! Haha


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