Detroit Free Press Half Marathon Training: Week 14

Hey everybody! It is Monday – thank goodness! I am ready for a new week, more so a reset of everything, but mostly running. Tough times last week, as you will see below.


This weeks workouts looked like this…

Monday – 6 mile long run (1:15:51)

I skipped my long run last weekend, we were camping, so I got some miles in on Labour Day. I was suppose to run 8 miles, but only did 6. It was slow, and there was a lot of walking. Average pace 12:30, which is a lot slower than where I want to be.

Tuesday – Group Power

60 minutes weight class. After barley weight training for a few weeks, hadn’t been to class since Aug. 8, it felt good to weight train again. I can really notice a difference in my body when I lift, a good difference ;). Was pretty sore the next day!


Wednesday – 30 min run walk 2.59 miles

Didn’t go out for this run until about 1:00pm and it was hot and sunny. Gave up mentally – which is always the case lately!


Thursday – Group Power

Really felt it in the chest after today’s class. I love working my chest hard šŸ™‚

Friday – Circuit Class

Great class, as I said the other day. My arms are still tired today (Monday) after all of those push ups. Guess that means things are changing!


Saturday – Rest

Went and saw my Grandma, ate lots of crap – awesome!

Sunday – 6 mile run (1:20:10)

I was suppose to run 9 miles, but only did 6. I didn’t leave the house until about 11:30am. It was getting hot and sunny and I was tired and grumpy. I planned to go back out later in the night to run the other three but didn’t have time before we had to leave to bring me back to London. By the time I got here it was dark, after 8pm, I still needed to shower, unpack and do some work. Alas I only ended up doing the 6. This made me more grumpy and more disappointed with myself haha.

Sunday night treat…


I’m thinking of having a ‘long run treat’ if I complete my runs. I know a lot of people do this and maybe I’ll try it. This Saturday I have to run 10 miles so if I finish 10 then I’m seeing a sprinkle donut in my future!

The amount of selfie’s in the post is pretty amazing, haha.


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