The Friday Circuit Class

On Friday mornings there is a circuit class at my gym. I wasn’t able to make it all summer because I worked at the time the class was at. But now with my new schedule, if I really hurry up and bust my butt I can make the class!! Exciting!!

(Note: none of these are my pictures, because I’m not weird and take pictures in the class haha. All from Google!)

The class really kicks my butt and pushes me out of my comfort zone. We do things that I would never attempt or even think of doing on my own. I love love love, with a little bit of hate this class. It is hard!

Anyways, today’s class was awesomely hard like all of them. Some of the things we did: single leg squats, skip, stairs, lunges on step, side lunge on step, lots of core work, rope latter jump variations, etc. In between each 1 minute circuit we did 5 push ups – sounds easy right? WRONG!

Usually I do my push ups where my hands are out wide. Come to learn that is not the proper way to do a push up! The instructor had us do push ups with our hands below our shoulders, wrists locked, elbows kept in, and the front of our elbow facing forward. Also she wanted our chest to hit the floor first!

Let me tell you, those were hard! They were the only upper body exercise we did, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to lift my arms tomorrow. Ouch! I need to start doing my push ups like that!

All in all though it was a great class. I am going to try and hit it up every Friday now because it is such a good workout, and it is different from all the other classes I take. The instructor is also amazing, so kind and nice. She walks around during the class and corrects your form and gives encouraging feedback. Love her!

Today was suppose to be a run day but my legs are toast. Instead I’ll run Sat & Sun – one long run, one easy or hill run, haven’t decided yet.

Have a great Friday!!


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