Rock The Road 10K Race Recap

(I started writing this post weeks ago and then forgot about it. So here is the quick version of what I can remember!)

Sunday I ran the Rock The Road 10k. After a night of dancing, with only 4 hours of sleep I wasn’t expecting much. (Remember I went to a wedding)

Side note, did I tell you that I lost my Garmin – yes the used one I got only a few months ago. I put it on top of my car after my run and forgot it was there and drove away. It will forever be gone. I was pretty upset about that!


Anyways, I didn’t have a watch for the race. I also didn’t have any expectations for the race. Getting to the start was a task in its own. Lets just say if I wasn’t getting a medal I wouldn’t have gone haha.


The race was local, and I left my house a little after 9am for a 9:30 start. It was at a mall so there was lots of parking – score! The course wasn’t great, I didn’t think. There was not enough aid stations and I was thirsty! For a stretch we were in the direct sun and it was hot! See late start time in the summer…My Mom works for fire dispatch and they had a crew on scene and quite a few people needed aid. Also EMS picked someone up on course.


The thing that really ticked me off though…. As I was crossing an intersection a Police Officer told ME TO STOP for a car. WTF!! This is a road race!!!! I promptly told him NO, which he was surprised about, and that I was paying money to do this. A few f-bombs may have also been dropped. WTF buddy, you didn’t get the memo that pedestrians come first. Oh and as I was crossing the road he was waving cars through so I almost got hit. Awesome, just great.

I walked quite a bit, and if I recall correctly I actually walked km 7-8. It was hot, my feet were sore, I was thirsty.

Finish time was 1:16

A whole 10 minutes slower than my 10K PR. Oh well, at least I went!


Post race treat…iced cofffffffeeeee!!!



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