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Detroit Free Press Half Marathon Training: Week 17

It’s not going so well…

in terms of my running. Life in general is good, but running life is not so good. Let me lay all the excuses out to you, or reasons – whatever you want.

– have a cold

– ate crap

– now have a chest cold/cough – lungs were burning like crazy during spin today which is unusual

– inside of right leg/ankle hurting

– feeling very tired

I just haven’t been into it. My long runs are not getting done, and I am getting scared for the race. Only 2.5 weeks friends – shit!


Let’s take a peek at last weeks low mileage workouts…

Week 17:

M – 45 min spin
T – Group Power + 20 min arch trainer
W – 6.2 Birthday miles
Th – Group Power
F – Circuit
Sa – Rest
Su – 3 horrible miles (43:35)

Weekly mileage: 9 measly miles


This was suppose to be my second highest mileage week, with this week being my highest.

What am I going to do about it?

– Drink lots of water, EmergenC, zinc to get this cold gone

– Get proper rest, aim for 8 hrs.

– Get new shoes, which is hopefully why my legs are hurting and is a quick fix

– suck it up and do the miles

– eat healthy! when I eat healthy running is SO SO SO freaking much easier!

– stick to the plan



THE PLAN – Training Week 18

M – 45 min spin
T – 11 (or6) miles at park
W – 45 min spin
Th – Group Power + 3.1 miles
F – Circuit
Sa – 12 miles
Su – CIBC Run for the Cure 5K



Friday Fav’s

Let’s share some good news and things I love on Friday – one of my favourite days!!

1. My Friday morning circuit class – amazing today like always. I didn’t want to go, but though ya I should – so I did!

2. This hummus. Amazing! Almost gone, along with 2 bags of carrots!! My favourite snack right now!


3. This perfume. I ran out a few weeks ago and got a new bottle for my birthday from my dad! Started using it about a year ago after I discovered it. It is what my favourite grade 1 teacher used to wear and reminds me of her, so now I wear it. Weird? Maybe.20130927-124842.jpg

4. Costco’s ridiculous Nutella, which I want btw.20130927-124856.jpg

5. This picture hahahaha. My brother’s girlfriend sent it to me because I have a new friend when I go running. A llama that lives with sheep. My mom nick-named him Larry and now it is the biggest running joke in our house. 20130927-124931.jpg

6. The fact that I just registered for another half marathon. 2 weeks after Detroit. It is local, and there is a finishers necklace that I want. So another 21.1 here I come. Crazy? YES!


7. Coconut oil. Use it as a moisturizer, will change your life!


8. The fact that I can feel and notice some changes happening in my body. More on this next week though.

That is all I have for now. I hope you’re having an amazing Friday!!!!

A Birthday Run-down

Just got home from the gym, took Group Power and wah did the weights feel heaavvvy today. Usually on Thursdays things do feel a bit heavy for me haha. In Tuesday’s class I remember thinking, wow this feels light I should up my weight. Spoke too soon. I was/am also still sore from Tuesdays class.

Upon arriving home from the gym I had a piece of cake, at 11am, not on my birthday. Do I feel guilty? Sure I did a little for a second, and then I stopped. It is a small piece of cake, not the end of the world. I’ll enjoy it and continue on with my day eating a healthy lunch.

Said cake…


I am kind of a brat when it comes to cake. I have always hated processed food, but more recently really started to stay away from them. I feel better physically and mentally. If I want to eat junk food, great but lets just eat wholesome ingredients. So a cake with sugar, sugar, chocolate, flour, sugar. icing, sugar. Make sense? I usually bake my own cakes from scratch. Anyways, this is obviously a store bought cake and it was pretty good! The icing was reals sweet and chocolately and filled with chemicals and I loved every bite! haha

Let me recap yesterday in mostly pictures, and tell you about my run. It was a good one!!

I didn’t do my long run from last weekend and thought that would be the prefect birthday gift to myself! Weird, maybe? So my inital plan was 10 miles/16km. Then when I was heading to the park I was going to run at, I was sort of tired so I said at least 6 miles/10km.


The run was great. I did 6.2 miles or a full 10K. I ran the full first 3 miles – wooohooo!!! – and then walked a full mile. I went up a road I often drive and always think I should run. It is one big hill. So I walked, no shame. Then I ran the last few miles stopping for a walk break between each mile.


Take a look at these splits people!

Mile 1: 10:33
Mile 2: 10:23
Mile 3: 10:38
Mile 4: 17:23 – walked
Mile 5: 10:35
Mile 6: 10:28
Mile 6.2: 2:14

Total Distance: 6.21 miles
Total Time: 1:12:14
Average Mile Pace: 11:38

It was a great workout! If I had just not walked that whole mile and run it, then it would have been my fastest 10K. Next time! I think I am going to make this a regualr Wednesday workout if I can get a car to go to the park. It was nice to run somewhere different and pretty – part of the path goes right along the Thames River.

Post run…


Took myself out for lunch to my favourite sandwich place! So big, so good!

Then I worked, and came home at 9pm and had a piece of said cake above. I didn’t know if my parents were going to do that last night but my dad loves cake as much as I do so he made sure it happened. Good day!!


On Sunday we celebrated my birthday at my moms. There was cake….


It looks better than it was, sadly!

We went to the demolition derby!!!


The vans were the best to watch. So funny!!

Any my brothers girlfriend made me cake pops, that look like acorns!


It is a running joke at my house, that I am a squirrel – long story. Anyways they were so cute, and tasted amazing!!


It was a great last couple of birthday-days. Odd being home for my birthday, first time since I was 17. Another odd thing was being sober on my birthday, first time since I was 17 haha. All I really wanted yesterday was a caesar, so hopefully this weekend we can make that happen. 

Do you like birthday’s? 

I love celebrating other people’s birthdays, and making sure they have a really fun, great day!

23 Years in the Making

Today I turned 23, gulp. It still feels like I’m 20. Weird how fast we grow up. Anyways, no big plans today, worked, ran 10K, took myself out for lunch – haha. And now I’m headed back to work, and then work at my second job. I don’t even think I’ll be having cake.

In the spirit of my birthday I was looking through a few pictures the other night and found these. It is me, 23 years in the making.









Have a great day!

Detroit Free Press Half Marathon Training: Week 16

Hi! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good, I’m drafting up a quick little post about it because we celebrated my Birthday – twas fun. Lots of not so great food was consumed yesterday and I woke up feeling rough this morning. More of a reason to get back on track today!!


Let’s do a quick recap of last weeks training!

Monday – 45 min spin + 10 mile run 

Pretty decent long run. Check out the post for details. What I didn’t know is that I was getting sick, and I paid for this the rest of the week – and still am!


Tuesday – Group Power

The standard 60 min class.

Wednesday – 2 mile run, 1 mile walk, 10 min rower

Hopped on the treadmill for 5 miles, but just wasn’t feeling it. The cold was really starting to kick in by this point. Ran, without breaks, 2 miles with some hills. Took a walk break with intentions to do all 5 miles and never started running again. Funny how that happens to me.

Thursday – 30 min arch trainer, 30 min bike

My plans were changed last minute and I couldn’t get to the weights class that I was going to. I wanted to skip my workout altogether but instead I went for some afternoon cardio. I wasn’t to impressed during the workout but after I remember walking out of the gym thinking – I’m glad I just did that!

Friday – Circuit

Great class, par usual! Love it!!

Saturday – Rest

Just feeling horrible. Went to the farmers market in the morning with my mom and spent the afternoon in my bed watching Pretty Little Liars and napping for 2 hours.


Sunday – 2 mile run + core

Thought I was feeling better so headed out for my long run, 10-11 miles. Wore a tank top because the weather said it was 11C and was freezing cold. Went home after 2 miles to grab a long sleeve and never made it back out. I was tired, had no energy and just felt horrible. I also just didn’t have it in me to run 8 more miles. So I skipped the run. Super disappointed.


Miles Run: 14

Not super happy with my training this week. Again as I said the other day I wish I could just start over and actually train properly for this race. Oh well, live and learn.


Week 17 Plan

I am trying to figure out if and when to do my long run from last week, this week and then when to do this weeks. Here is what I have come up with.

M – 45 min spin + core (check!); 3 mile run
T – Group Power + 30 min XT
W – 10 mile long run
Th – Group Power + 30 min XT
F – Circuit + 3 mile run
Sa – Rest or 45 min elliptical
Su – 11 mile long run

I really want to get in last weeks long run. I was planning to do it today but I am still not really feeling that much better. But I need to get running more. I have the CIBC Run for the Cure coming up and want to RUN the whole thing, no walking so I need to get back to running the whole 3.1 miles. I wanted that race to be my goal sub 30 min PR but that doesn’t look like it is in the cards right now. Another race my friends, another race.

Long Run Bust

As I lay on my bed room floor typing this from my phone, I can’t help but feel disappointed in myself.

This morning I was suppose to run 10-11 miles. I headed out and just wasn’t feeling it. At 1 mile I turned around and came home.

This cold is kicking my butt but it’s no excuse to not do my long run. I’m just tired and have no energy.

The plan is to maybe get the other 8-9 miles in later today. If that doesn’t work then ill just do the 11 miles tomorrow – as I did last week.

Lots of fun things planned today though so I’ll come back tomorrow to share how everything panned out!

Have a great Sunday!!!

One Month Out

Today is September 20th (in case you were wondering..) which means exactly ONE MONTH until the Detroit Half Marathon. HOLY SHIT!

How am I feeling? Let’s chat in bullet points, my favourite way…

– Well actually I’m feeling like shit because I have a cold. All of the kids I work with are sick right now and I caught their cold. I have been feeling pretty crappy for the past few days.

Nicky's Birthday and Run 015

– In terms of running, obviously, I’m feeling alright. If you asked me how I was feeling before Monday’s 10 miler, I would have told you not great. I was questioning my ability to even do the half marathon. Now I am feeling as though it is within reach. If I can do 10 miles, then I can do 13, right???

– I think I am starting to get an idea about fueling. On Monday I started eating the candies at mile 2. One little candy at the end of each mile, and I think I ate 2 at one point. I think I took in about 80 calories, as the pack was 80 and I may or may not have taken one or two out previously – can’t remember.


– I was on the race website and it said the time limit for the half is 4 hours, so I am not worried about being kicked off – because I was!

– My goal was 2:30, and still kinda is. I know my real goal should be to just finish the race and not worry about time but I still have the number 2:30 in my head. If I don’t meet this goal then I will be fine with that, as long as I finish. I think when I am doing long runs like this it helps me to have a time goal in mind to push myself on my walk breaks.


– Which brings me to this point – I need to figure out some type of walk/run system. Right now I’m just doing what my body wants to. Push myself usually until the end of the mile and then take a walk break. But I am finding myself taking lonnnnng walk breaks aka the 2 1 mile walks in the 10 miler.

– I’m nervous but excited! I can’t wait to do it actually. I think it is going to be fun!!


– And I would be absolutely lying to you if I said I want to be able to say that I’m a Half-Marathoner. Even if it is slow and I do walk.

Tentative Long Run Plan Until  Race Day (this is more for me haha):

Week 16: 10-11 miles

Week 17: 11-12 miles

Week 18: 12.5 miles

Week 19: 6-8 miles

Week 20: HALF MARATHON!!!!

Have a great Friday & an amazing weekend!! We have LOTS of fun things planned and I’m excited!!