The 30 minute run

Hello & Happy Happy Happy Thursday!

Anyone else think of Duck Dynasty when I said Happy Happy Happy?

Anyways, I had intentions of finishing up the RTR 10K race recap and posting it today but I’ll post it tomorrow instead. Today was a run day, so lets talk about that.


My legs have not been feeling great the past few days, they have been sore and even walking has felt awkward for some reason. Yesterday morning I was lucky to get a massage appt to get everything worked out. I knew my glutes and hamstrings were tight, and she worked on them hard. Ouch it hurt to bad. You know when your hamstrings are tight when she uses her elbow on them. Gah!

Always after I get a massage my legs hurt a lot. It is like she releases all the tension or something in them and they just hurt so much – more so then before I go. Last night my right calf felt so swollen – weird.

Wow, do I ever digress haha. Ok so my legs were sore today, and still kinda recovering from the 10K on the weekend. I had 3 miles of rolling hills on the plan but decided to switch it up a bit. I always run for distance – as in my run is finished when I hit mile X, not time. Today I decided to run time. This way I wasn’t focused on my pace, but rather just getting in a full run.

Today I set out with the plan to run for 30 minutes. And not stop. Pace didn’t matter, go as slow as you want just run for 30 minutes. It was harder than it sounds. For my runs lately I have been taking frequent walk breaks – and it seems as though they are too frequent. I give up too easily. I’ve gotten really slow – which is hard to deal with.


(Oh ya I got a new Lululemon shirt on sale, love it!! It is like butta – but a tad big)

Anyways, I ran the whole 30 minutes, which seems so lame to be proud of but I am. I am going to try and do one of these ‘for time’ workouts a week. They are good for me to do it boosts my confidence and shows myself that I can do it!

The run was slow, only 2.77 miles in 30 minutes, but it was so darn hot out and their was no shade where I was running. I also didn’t leave until 10:30am – bad choices.

When I got back I chugged 2 bottles of water but still couldn’t stop sweating. So I had a freezie! What a great thing they are! I had a few left over from my preschool class and they were sitting in the freezer when I went to grab more ice for my water and I decided to have one. I know not the healthiest choice, but it was good & only 40 calories!


My legs and ankles are absolutly killing me right now, so I am going to stretch, roll and ICE them this afternoon!!

Ok off to write the recap and a post with a recipe, I know I know a recipe from me hahaha lets just say it didn’t turn out great…like the burnt flavor?


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