Ever Gone To A Wedding Alone?

What a great weekend I had!! Let me tell you about it!

On Saturday I went to my friend’s wedding! What a great time! It was absolutly beautiful, the bride was georgous, the groom was hot (I have a not-so-secret crush on him) and the whole wedding was so perfectly fitting to their personality! And there was an open bar!! Well stocked – Grey Goose people, Grey Goose!

I didn’t snap any pics at the wedding so I’ll talk to you about what I ended up wearing.

The day before the wedding I went shopping, again, for shoes. I walked by a store with this dress in the window and HAD to try it on. So in I went, to try on the 100th dress haha..


I pretty much feel in love with it right away. It fit alright (the top was a bit big) it was very forgiving and didn’t show all the things I didn’t want it to show. So I bought it and continued on my way.

Later that day I found this dress and loved it too!


Not the most flattering picture, but the decision was between these two. We had a fashion show in my living room the night before, sending pictures to my sister as well and I had my family vote. Ultimately we picked the first black dress and I am glad I did!

I also got these shoes which I love as well!


I don’t ever wear heals so I thought a wedge would be best for me. I also love the look of nude shoes, and knew that I could wear them again. I ended up wearing them all night, and although I have some nasty blisters, they were pretty comfortable!

The before…


The after…



I know right, I never knew I could clean up so well, and it only took me 31 minutes to look like this.


I simply curled my hair with my moms curling iron, and I am glad I decided too. I remembered that last time I curled my hair I loved it so I did it again. I loved the results. I also wore a necklace I had from Old Navy.



I was nervous as I got closer to the wedding venue about going alone. I was thinking to myself “WTF are you doing” – it was a risky move. When I got there I didn’t see anyone I knew so I just looked around and stood by myself. The thing is, I was very happy with how I looked so I felt like it was no big deal to stand alone for a while. Crazy what a little make up and a pretty dress can do to your confidence. A few minutes later I found some friends and it was all good from there.

All in all I learned that I can do things alone, and taking risks is a good thing!

The reason I couldn’t take advantage of the open bar is because I had to drive home because I had a race to run the next morning. But more about that tomorrow…


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