The Candy Girl

The past week or so has been going really well for me. I’ve been eating really well, very balanced. For example, Saturday we were having a celebration at my house and there was cake involved. I really wanted some cake but I didn’t want to fall off track, so I simply asked to cut my own piece so I would have portion control. I cut a very small piece and was happy with it. This way I got to enjoy the cake, but didn’t need a huge piece like I usually get. I’m finding this approach working for me. Allowing myself to have what I want, but smaller portions of it. On Sunday and Monday there was still cake left and I had a very small piece each day. Now it is gone and I am happy about that 🙂

I’m finding it is easier on me to simply say no. Last night my parents were having chips and salsa, and I simply said no thank you. My mom got these delicious cookies that have been sitting on the counter, and I have’t touched one of them. Everything was going perfect until today.

Today was the last day of preschool, and one of the little girls brought us a container of candy (i’ll post a pic tomorrow). I put mine in the car and the top came off so candy went everywhere. Well, to make a long story short I ended up eating a lot of candy. I just didn’t want to stop. The candy wasn’t even very good but I just wanted it.

I am upset with myself about this incident. Because I know it is a set back, and delaying me from getting to my goal that much sooner.

Another struggle I have is that once I ‘mess up’ then I feel like my day is shot. As today happened, I got to my dads and thought oh well I’ll just have whatever I want today – read: cookies & chocolate popsicles. I also don’t have any motivation to work out, which does not help matters at all.

As you can see I’m struggling today – big time. What I need to do is stop, regroup and start over NOW. At 4:05pm. Not tomorrow, not Monday, NOW! Eat my veggies and apple I packed for snacks and drink lots of water. Maybe even go for a walk or bike ride tonight after work. I can’t let this small simple thing spiral out of control and make me miserable again.

I find that my mood and attitude is so much better when I eat healthy. I also can really feel it when I eat sugar, I can feel the sugar going through my blood – its weird!


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