27 Dresses

On Saturday I am heading down to a friends wedding, which I am pretty excited about! I am chosing to go alone, although she said I could bring a guest/friend with me. I didn’t put anything together before the RSVP date so I just thought it would be easier to go alone. I am both excited and nervous about going alone. Anyone ever gone to a wedding alone? Tips? I will know a few people there, but not a tone – should be interesting. After a few glasses of wine I’m sure things will be fine 😉

Nothing says your single better than going to a wedding alone.

As a result of being invited I need to get something to wear. I have a lot of casual dresses, cotton, but not much that is appropriate for a wedding. So I needed to go shopping. I always remember dress shopping being so fun, wow not anymore. Dress shopping is hard work! I need my sisters opinion and input so I took pictures of about 1/2 the dresses I tried on to send to her.

I thought I would be funny to share a few here on the blog. Warning: 99% are super unflattering!

Let me know which ones you like.



Coming back and reviewing the photos, I actually kind of like this one (below), I might have to go back and try it on again… what do you think Sis?















I did end up purchasing two dresses, both are able to be returned, with the plan of picking which one I like best and returning the other on.

My favourite so far…


And a second contender, that I’m not so sure I like so much after looking at it again. I think I’ll return this one tomorrow.


Dresses are so hard! I need one that is tight under much chest and flows out to hide my big hips. I also can’t have it too short because I don’t have great legs. Lots of obstacles. The blue and white one fit all criteria, except one. Because I am going alone, I kinda wanted something a little bit sassy – you know? I might go back and try the black one on again, and then decide.

Accessories, and shoes? Undecided. I’m thinking a nude pump for the shoe and maybe no accessories? Thoughts? Opinions? You hate/love dresses?


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