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The 30 minute run

Hello & Happy Happy Happy Thursday!

Anyone else think of Duck Dynasty when I said Happy Happy Happy?

Anyways, I had intentions of finishing up the RTR 10K race recap and posting it today but I’ll post it tomorrow instead. Today was a run day, so lets talk about that.


My legs have not been feeling great the past few days, they have been sore and even walking has felt awkward for some reason. Yesterday morning I was lucky to get a massage appt to get everything worked out. I knew my glutes and hamstrings were tight, and she worked on them hard. Ouch it hurt to bad. You know when your hamstrings are tight when she uses her elbow on them. Gah!

Always after I get a massage my legs hurt a lot. It is like she releases all the tension or something in them and they just hurt so much – more so then before I go. Last night my right calf felt so swollen – weird.

Wow, do I ever digress haha. Ok so my legs were sore today, and still kinda recovering from the 10K on the weekend. I had 3 miles of rolling hills on the plan but decided to switch it up a bit. I always run for distance – as in my run is finished when I hit mile X, not time. Today I decided to run time. This way I wasn’t focused on my pace, but rather just getting in a full run.

Today I set out with the plan to run for 30 minutes. And not stop. Pace didn’t matter, go as slow as you want just run for 30 minutes. It was harder than it sounds. For my runs lately I have been taking frequent walk breaks – and it seems as though they are too frequent. I give up too easily. I’ve gotten really slow – which is hard to deal with.


(Oh ya I got a new Lululemon shirt on sale, love it!! It is like butta – but a tad big)

Anyways, I ran the whole 30 minutes, which seems so lame to be proud of but I am. I am going to try and do one of these ‘for time’ workouts a week. They are good for me to do it boosts my confidence and shows myself that I can do it!

The run was slow, only 2.77 miles in 30 minutes, but it was so darn hot out and their was no shade where I was running. I also didn’t leave until 10:30am – bad choices.

When I got back I chugged 2 bottles of water but still couldn’t stop sweating. So I had a freezie! What a great thing they are! I had a few left over from my preschool class and they were sitting in the freezer when I went to grab more ice for my water and I decided to have one. I know not the healthiest choice, but it was good & only 40 calories!


My legs and ankles are absolutly killing me right now, so I am going to stretch, roll and ICE them this afternoon!!

Ok off to write the recap and a post with a recipe, I know I know a recipe from me hahaha lets just say it didn’t turn out great…like the burnt flavor?


Ever Gone To A Wedding Alone?

What a great weekend I had!! Let me tell you about it!

On Saturday I went to my friend’s wedding! What a great time! It was absolutly beautiful, the bride was georgous, the groom was hot (I have a not-so-secret crush on him) and the whole wedding was so perfectly fitting to their personality! And there was an open bar!! Well stocked – Grey Goose people, Grey Goose!

I didn’t snap any pics at the wedding so I’ll talk to you about what I ended up wearing.

The day before the wedding I went shopping, again, for shoes. I walked by a store with this dress in the window and HAD to try it on. So in I went, to try on the 100th dress haha..


I pretty much feel in love with it right away. It fit alright (the top was a bit big) it was very forgiving and didn’t show all the things I didn’t want it to show. So I bought it and continued on my way.

Later that day I found this dress and loved it too!


Not the most flattering picture, but the decision was between these two. We had a fashion show in my living room the night before, sending pictures to my sister as well and I had my family vote. Ultimately we picked the first black dress and I am glad I did!

I also got these shoes which I love as well!


I don’t ever wear heals so I thought a wedge would be best for me. I also love the look of nude shoes, and knew that I could wear them again. I ended up wearing them all night, and although I have some nasty blisters, they were pretty comfortable!

The before…


The after…



I know right, I never knew I could clean up so well, and it only took me 31 minutes to look like this.


I simply curled my hair with my moms curling iron, and I am glad I decided too. I remembered that last time I curled my hair I loved it so I did it again. I loved the results. I also wore a necklace I had from Old Navy.



I was nervous as I got closer to the wedding venue about going alone. I was thinking to myself “WTF are you doing” – it was a risky move. When I got there I didn’t see anyone I knew so I just looked around and stood by myself. The thing is, I was very happy with how I looked so I felt like it was no big deal to stand alone for a while. Crazy what a little make up and a pretty dress can do to your confidence. A few minutes later I found some friends and it was all good from there.

All in all I learned that I can do things alone, and taking risks is a good thing!

The reason I couldn’t take advantage of the open bar is because I had to drive home because I had a race to run the next morning. But more about that tomorrow…

The Candy Girl

The past week or so has been going really well for me. I’ve been eating really well, very balanced. For example, Saturday we were having a celebration at my house and there was cake involved. I really wanted some cake but I didn’t want to fall off track, so I simply asked to cut my own piece so I would have portion control. I cut a very small piece and was happy with it. This way I got to enjoy the cake, but didn’t need a huge piece like I usually get. I’m finding this approach working for me. Allowing myself to have what I want, but smaller portions of it. On Sunday and Monday there was still cake left and I had a very small piece each day. Now it is gone and I am happy about that 🙂

I’m finding it is easier on me to simply say no. Last night my parents were having chips and salsa, and I simply said no thank you. My mom got these delicious cookies that have been sitting on the counter, and I have’t touched one of them. Everything was going perfect until today.

Today was the last day of preschool, and one of the little girls brought us a container of candy (i’ll post a pic tomorrow). I put mine in the car and the top came off so candy went everywhere. Well, to make a long story short I ended up eating a lot of candy. I just didn’t want to stop. The candy wasn’t even very good but I just wanted it.

I am upset with myself about this incident. Because I know it is a set back, and delaying me from getting to my goal that much sooner.

Another struggle I have is that once I ‘mess up’ then I feel like my day is shot. As today happened, I got to my dads and thought oh well I’ll just have whatever I want today – read: cookies & chocolate popsicles. I also don’t have any motivation to work out, which does not help matters at all.

As you can see I’m struggling today – big time. What I need to do is stop, regroup and start over NOW. At 4:05pm. Not tomorrow, not Monday, NOW! Eat my veggies and apple I packed for snacks and drink lots of water. Maybe even go for a walk or bike ride tonight after work. I can’t let this small simple thing spiral out of control and make me miserable again.

I find that my mood and attitude is so much better when I eat healthy. I also can really feel it when I eat sugar, I can feel the sugar going through my blood – its weird!

27 Dresses

On Saturday I am heading down to a friends wedding, which I am pretty excited about! I am chosing to go alone, although she said I could bring a guest/friend with me. I didn’t put anything together before the RSVP date so I just thought it would be easier to go alone. I am both excited and nervous about going alone. Anyone ever gone to a wedding alone? Tips? I will know a few people there, but not a tone – should be interesting. After a few glasses of wine I’m sure things will be fine 😉

Nothing says your single better than going to a wedding alone.

As a result of being invited I need to get something to wear. I have a lot of casual dresses, cotton, but not much that is appropriate for a wedding. So I needed to go shopping. I always remember dress shopping being so fun, wow not anymore. Dress shopping is hard work! I need my sisters opinion and input so I took pictures of about 1/2 the dresses I tried on to send to her.

I thought I would be funny to share a few here on the blog. Warning: 99% are super unflattering!

Let me know which ones you like.



Coming back and reviewing the photos, I actually kind of like this one (below), I might have to go back and try it on again… what do you think Sis?















I did end up purchasing two dresses, both are able to be returned, with the plan of picking which one I like best and returning the other on.

My favourite so far…


And a second contender, that I’m not so sure I like so much after looking at it again. I think I’ll return this one tomorrow.


Dresses are so hard! I need one that is tight under much chest and flows out to hide my big hips. I also can’t have it too short because I don’t have great legs. Lots of obstacles. The blue and white one fit all criteria, except one. Because I am going alone, I kinda wanted something a little bit sassy – you know? I might go back and try the black one on again, and then decide.

Accessories, and shoes? Undecided. I’m thinking a nude pump for the shoe and maybe no accessories? Thoughts? Opinions? You hate/love dresses?

Detroit Half Marathon Training: Weeks 7, 8, 9, 10

Happy Monday!! Today’s post is going to be all about running, my favourite topic, and how the half marathon training is going. Let’s start with a few weeks recaps

Week 7
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 1 mile TM run + weights
Wednesday: 70 min XT
Thursday: Skip
Friday: 2 mile run/walk, 20 min XT
Saturday: 20 min elliptical + weights
Sunday: 7 mile walk/run

Total miles: 10


Week 8
Monday: 30 min spin + core
Tuesday: Skip
Wednesday: 2.64 (2 @ tempo 9:30)
Thursday: 2 mile beach run + 40 min weights
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 8.55 mile run/walk
Sunday: Rest

Total miles: 13.19


Week 9
Monday:20 min rower + Spin/core
Tuesday: 12.32 mile bike ride (45 min) avg. pace: 16.4 mph
Wednesday: 20 min rower, spin/core; .90 mile hill run
Thursday: 1 mile walk, 15 min rower, 40 min bike, Group Power
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 1 mile TM run, weights, 20 min elliptical
Sunday: 4.5 mile run/walk

Total miles: 6.4


Week 10
Monday: 60 min elliptical
Tuesday: 4×400 @ 8:57 2.5 miles total, 35 min ellliptical
Wednesday: spin/core
Thursday: Group Power + 30 min cardio
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 5.26 mile run/walk
Sunday: 2 mile run (19:09), 11.10 mile bike ride (40:24) avg. pace 16.5 mph

Total miles: 9.76


So there you have it, my last few weeks of training. It is not going great, my runs are slow and not what I want but I have 10 weeks until the race so I will hopefully be able to ramp up the training a bit!

Here’s to a great week 11 of training!

A Catch Up in Pics

I have some serious catching up to do!! My computer is not working great, so I haven’t been on it a lot, hence the lack of blog posts! I’ve also been busy and lazy and unmotivated! So I’ll just post today a bunch of pictures from my phone of what I have been up to as of late!


I went running on the beach for the first time. How great is that! Loved it!!


What a horrible view



This beautiful golf course where I picked my brother up from last week. I also chatted with a cute boy there 😉






Hill repeats in the rain


Lasted .90 miles


A book that looks good, but I’m too broke to buy



Glasses shopping, no I did not buy this pair



First time having blood work done, ouch!



My new toy


Delicious treat I was craving, chocolate covered raisins

Delicious treat I was craving, chocolate covered raisins

Obsessed with Pretty Little Liars!

Obsessed with Pretty Little Liars!

Back at the beach

Back at the beach

With healthy snacks to boot

With healthy snacks to boot


The BEST strawberries!

The BEST strawberries!

Recovering + watching Extreme Weight Loss - love that show!

Recovering + watching Extreme Weight Loss – love that show!



Being my bro's math tutor

Being my bro’s math tutor

Well that is some of what I have been up to. I need to do a recap of the past few weeks of my half marathon training, which I’ll do tomorrow when I have my training log with me. It’s going alright.