My ‘New’ Gym Bag

I have a lot of different gym bags, pretty lululemon ones, nice ones from my mom etc. In the past week I started using a new gym bag, that’s not so new haha.


Yep I am using a good old lulu bag and it is great. I have a lot of gear and gadgets that I keep losing track of so I started keeping them in this bag and it seems to be working for me. Although I am still losing lots of stuff. Like yesterday morning I didn’t run because I didn’t have my Garmin. It wAs in the car, which was with my mom at work. Fail. Anyways, I digress.


So the bag is good, it is filled with all the things I need while working out on the go – because my life is not as easy as simply driving home 2 mins from the gym. No usually I have to go to work or something.


In the bag: Garmin forerunner 205, iPod nano, Polar FT40, lock, wet wipes, DVD I need to return, pouch with emergency girl supplies, BIC Band (in pictured), Nuun, emergenC, sun screen, Luna bar (for emergencies), sun glasses & my gym membership.

Sometimes I also through an apple, extra pair of socks and lip chap in there too. Too many times have I forgotten one or all of these things, and now I try to be prepared all the time 🙂

What’s in your gym bag??


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