Today I set a new Personal Disance Record!! I ran 6.5 miles!! Ok well I walk/ran it, but still!


Now I’m sitting outside with my feet up enjoying this beautiful day!! It was a bit hot for running, but I took my water bottle with me – drank the whole thing!

I went into this run with no specific route in mind. I started on the hilly highway and after a few short minutes I knew I would have to turn around and go home. My tank top was bugging the shit out of me, it kept creeping up to the top of my pants – uuggg!

So I turned around after 1.5 miles to go home and change. While home I yowled off, stretched a little and applied more sun screen! Then headed back out for 3.5 more miles around town. Funny thing the town is so small I had to run up and down some streets a few times to get all 3.5 miles in. Country living!

I took a two minute walk break, some were longer, between each mile for recovery. I kept my pace sloooooow but I ran all the miles – no ‘unplanned’ walk breaks- pace was usually between 10:30 and 11:00 min/miles. At this point I’m going for distance not time. In all I’m very happy with this run, and that I decided to do it. I almost skipped haha.

I’m off to foam roll, shower and out of town for the rest of the weekend!

Enjoy your weekend!


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