Back In Love

Hi friends, hope you had a great Thursday – I sure did!

This morning I woke up early to get a run in before heading out for the day. I had 3 miles on the schedule, but only did two. I was short on time and only fit two in, but they were two great miles! I took a short walk break between each mile, but it was a great quick run.

2 miles (20:36) – I think it was :36, but don’t feel like going to get my Garmin to check haha.

After that I came home, grabbed a peach and yogurt and headed for the road. I squeaked into Group Power, 60 min weights class, with seconds to spare. It was a new release today, so it was a brand new workout. I was a bit confused with a few things, but in general great workout, love that class!

After the class I was planning to go on a long walk with my brothers girlfriend. We plan walk breaks because I hate walking and she loves it, but once I get walking I actually enjoy it. Anyways, she had to cancel last minute so I headed to the park anyways to do my own walk.

The weather today was amazing. 20C, low humidity, sunny and a nice breeze. When I got to the park I couldn’t not run. Conditions were absolutely perfect! So I ran two more miles, and it was awesome!

2 miles (20:14) – or something very close.

The first mile was in the 9s – haven’t seen that number in a while!

Today’s run made me remember how much I love running. Running in the heat and humidity is hard, and I just need to chill out about it.

All in all it was a great day!! And I’m back in love with running – for today anyways 😉


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