Half Marathon Training: Week 4 & 5

Week 4 (June 24-30)

Sat: 3 miles (37:08)

Total = 3 miles


Week 5 (July 1-7)

Mon: 6 miles (1:13:41)

Wed: 1.2 miles TM; 2 miles outside (21:18)

Sun: .5 miles – left calf felt like it was going to snap, so I walked home

Total = 9.70 miles


So, as you can see things have been a little less than steller on the running front. With the weather getting warmer, and me working a new job I am trying to figure out training. Also my leg has been acting dumb so I haven’t been doing well.

Week 4 I started foam rolling, stretching and doing a yoga video every day and I found that helped a lot! Then later last week I stopped and my leg was killing by Sunday’s run. So I guess this shows that the stretching, rolling and yoga actually do help!

Week 6 plan

Tues: 3 miles

Thurs: 3 miles

Sat: 6.5 mile run

Every day: foam roll, stretch, yoga video/poses

Strength: 3 times


I really need to buckle down and get to work. Skipping my runs is dumb. Not taking care of my legs is dumb. Eating horribly is dumb. I need to stop being dumb!

Instead of being upset with myself over my lack of training, and how slow I’ve gotten, I am simply going to make the changes I need to. It is not the end of the world. If I start changing now then I’ll be doing my very best that I can!

With that being said I am going to slide on down and foam roll + stretch right now!



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